Can Ducks Eat Pumpkin? 3 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Ducks Eat Pumpkin

Ducks are generous animals who can fly, walk and swim. However, feeding them can become a headache for those keeping them as pets for the first time. Most of the time, it is kept in mind to keep the ducks healthy and provide them with as healthy food as possible. The reason for giving healthy food is the results the feeder gets, and the result is a healthy and highly nutritious egg worth more than a chicken egg. 

Usually, a chicken egg is common; however, a duck egg has an upper edge in the feeding procedure. A feeder must give nutritious food to ensure their overall well-being and their nutritious egg.

Generally, it becomes confusing for the feeder about whether to feed a duck pumpkin. Can ducks eat pumpkins? Will pumpkin be a safe option for them? Such questions revolve around the mind of a feeder. To answer this question, let’s find out whether a duck can eat pumpkins.

Can Ducks Eat Pumpkin?

Pumpkin is one of the healthy fruits an animal can eat. Feeding pumpkins to ducks is safe as it has all the vital nutrients required for adequate growth of the ducks. Ducks are economically perfect for duck farmers compared to chickens, and their egg quality and taste are better than a chicken’s egg. Also, the egg produced by a single duck is more than chicken. 

So, that is why feeding good quality food results in good quality eggs. Ducks should be fed pumpkins in moderation. The reason for the amount of control is that pumpkin is rich in sugar count that can cause side- effects in the ducks. Feeding only one or two pieces of pumpkins is sufficient for adequate growth of the organism. 

How Often Can Ducks Eat Pumpkin?

Ducks can eat pumpkins in moderation. Ducks enjoy munching on this nutritious fruit anytime, like all other fruits like grapes, strawberries, and bananas. Pumpkin must only be given as a treat and should not be part of their daily diet due to the high presence of sugar in it. 

Adding a few pieces of raw pumpkin without any sprinkle of salt is perfect for them. However, try to cook the pumpkin to get its soft texture while feeding the ducks. Raw pumpkins can be hard for the ducks to eat and digest. 

For first-time feeders, try adding pumpkin to duck food to make ducks eat instantly rather than focusing on the food. Ducks love to poke their beaks into whatever is offered, so adding the food as per the health requirements of the duck is beneficial for both ducks and the owners. 

3 Benefits of Pumpkin for Ducks

Pumpkin is a perfect blend of vital nutrients required for the perfect growth of the duck. Feeding pumpkins has various health benefits required for ducks to have a stable lifestyle, and several benefits are as follows:

1: An Enrichment Treat

Pumpkins can be given as an enrichment treat to the ducks. Enrichment can be anything that provides health and mental benefits and prevents boredom. Ducks will start to feel bored if offered the same food every time in their diet, and they will not eat it. To reduce such impacts on ducks, experts suggest adding chunks of pumpkins into the duck’s diet. It has proven to be safer for ducks to eat. Also, ducks enjoy eating it too.

2: Smooth Digestive System

Fiber is the nutrient that maintains the digestive system in the organism. Every organism requires some fiber in its diet to maintain the digestion and motion routine. Similarly, in the case of ducks, fiber is very crucial for them. Fiber helps push food through the digestive system and also prevents constipation.

Pumpkins are also an excellent source of fiber, so adding them to the diet of ducks is perfect for them and their digestion. It does both functions, maintaining digestion and fulfilling the nutrient count.

3: Low Calories, Controlled Weight

Ducks are also prone to gain weight if they overeat food. Pumpkin is full of fibers making it a perfect munching and nutrition partner. Adding pumpkin promotes the feeling of fulfillment. So, adding them to the diet does not have any side effects.

2 Risks of Feeding Pumpkins to Ducks 

Everything has some risks as well. Not everything safe for some animals is safe for ducks as well. Several risks of feeding pumpkin to ducks are as follows:

1: Pesticides Can Kill Them

It is advised to always wash the pumpkin before feeding it to ducks. Organic pumpkins are perfect for ducks to eat. However, pumpkins are grown with chemicals and harmful injections that cause excessive growth in the pumpkins. It is also harmful to humans because the same chemical will be transferred into the egg, making it poisonous for everyone.

2: Big Pieces Can Choke Them

It is advised to cut the pumpkin into smaller pieces or chunks before feeding it to ducks. Ducks gulp everything offered to them to prevent mishaps and always cut the pumpkin into small pieces.

How to Prepare Pumpkins for Your Ducks? 

Preparing pumpkins is not a big deal for the ducks as ducks do not require additional things while feeding them pumpkins, and the feeder must cut the pumpkin into small chunks to feed. Also, to maintain ease in eating, boil the pumpkin to some extent to make them soft. 

Cut in Small Chunks

It is advised to cut it into smaller chunks or pieces while feeding it to the ducks. Ducks gulp everything offered to them to avoid gulping issues, such as choking and cutting into small pieces.

It is the best way to add pumpkins to the ducks’ diet. It also helps the ducks in proper digestion and maintains their nutrition count in them.


Feeding any animal becomes challenging if the feeder has no idea about the feeding pattern. Adding fruits and vegetables into an animal’s diet has proven to be a secure option while feeding any animal until the food is safe for them. Now we have an answer to the query: can ducks eat pumpkins? Yes, ducks can eat pumpkins but in moderation only. Excess feeding can become harmful to the health of the ducks.


Do ducks like pumpkins?

Yes, ducks like to eat pumpkins, and they love everything offered to them, which is good for their health too.

Can ducklings eat pumpkins?

Ducklings can also eat pumpkins if the pumpkin is moldy and does not contain any additive chemicals.

Is pumpkin safe for ducks?

Yes, pumpkin is safe for ducks to eat, and the main thing to be kept in mind is the moderation of feeding it to the ducks.

Can ducks eat pumpkin seeds?

Pumpkin seeds are highly nutritious for ducks and other animals. The feeder can also spread them in the pond, which is a perfect crunchy snack for the ducks.

Can ducks eat pumpkin skin?

Pumpkin skin is soft, making it a perfect food item to be offered to the ducks. They like to eat it very much.

Can ducks eat raw pumpkins?

It is advised to feed the pumpkin after softening it. Feeding a raw pumpkin is hazardous for the ducks and can choke them and cause harm to the food pipe.

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