Can Ducks Eat Onions? 2 Risks | Full Guide

can ducks eat onions

Onion is a veggie which is like a bulb in shape. It is common to see onions added to dishes to enhance the taste, and people also love to eat them. Many times it is seen that onions are taste enhancers in food and are added as a seasoning the food.

They can be eaten raw or even cooked. Onions are known to give tears without reason, and they are undoubtedly tacky to eat raw.

Talking about feeding onions to ducks can be controversial because onions can be the best and crunchy food to offer ducks. The doubt about the query; can ducks eat onions will remain disclosed, or will it be opened to us? Let’s find an answer to this query.

Can Ducks Eat Onions?

No, ducks can’t eat onions as they are toxic for them and non-nutritious for them. However, onions are as harmful and poisonous for ducks to eat, and onions can not be a good commodity for ducks to eat. Rather than onions, ducks can eat fruits like strawberries, bananas, and apples, and they are potentially healthier and safer for ducks. These fruits are rich in vital nutrients required for the adequate growth of ducks.

The compound present in onions is harmful to consume. Mostly it is known that onions contain thiosulphate, which is responsible for hindering the flow and growth of red blood cells in the body of an organism. It can even cause hemolytic anaemia and abnormal development of RBCs in the ducks

Ducks tend to poke their beaks into whatever is donated to them. If suddenly they jab their beak into an onion or eat an onion piece. No need to worry because an amount of onion is harmless.

It is crucial to monitor the number of onions ducks devoured. If the amount of onion is high, then it will even cause death.

Why are Onions Toxic for Ducks?

Onions are proven toxic for ducks and other birds because of the thiosulphate in their composition. Onions and their other family members, garlic, contain high amounts of thiosulphate, a compound causing retention in the flow of red blood cells in the body of an organism. It will surely not kill them if the birds eat a little bit, but it certainly affects their health if they are overfed.

Overfeeding anything has some side effects, it as toxicity and death for ducks.

Ducks explore their surroundings and eat whatever they find interesting. Onions are different in shape compared to other veggies and have a distinguished aroma that attracts little animals. Thiosulphates are not easily digestible by ducks, so the feeders should avoid feeding them.

No pet owner wishes to see their pet suffering from diseases, and avoiding their contact with onions is better.

2 Risks of Feeding Onions to Ducks

As onions are toxic for ducks to eat, there are many reasons why onions are not suitable for ducks to eat. Some reasons are as follows:

1: Overconsumption is Hazardous

Overeating onion is harmful to ducks, and it can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and stomach pain. Due to all these issues, a duck loses its health to a greater extent.

The food they eat is undigested by them as it is remade into vomiting and excreted out without any absorption.

Onions also destroy the taste of eggs; it gives an onion-ish taste to the eggs, making them unbearable to eat. It is why onions should not be part of a duck’s diet.

2: Thiosulphates Destroy Internal Organs

The presence of thiosulfates in onions destroys the red blood cell count, which leads to anaemia and low health. It makes the ducks so weak that they can’t walk or eat alone. It also reduces the blood sugar level, which increases the chance of facing other ducks’ diseases. Due to all these issues, the chances of kidney failure are high.

If things went out of control, the duck might even die. Nobody wants to see their pet suffering from such painful diseases, so keep a proper nutrition check on the duck’s diet.

What to Do If Your Duck Has Eaten Onions?

Eating onions will not be hazardous to ducks if the amount is small. However, if the duck has eaten a reasonable amount of onion, it is time to visit the vet.

Onions settle in the large intestine that can become fatal if not treated on time. 

However, it is a must to keep an eye on ducks’ activities, so they don’t consume harmful elements. 

If your duck is not doing fine, then make an appointment with the vet before anything goes wrong. Onions can become poisonous for birds if not treated properly.


After looking at the detailed information on the query, can ducks eat onions? We can conclude that no ducks can not eat onions as they harm their health. Onions can become fatal if not treated. Strive to resist contact with onions ducks because ducks can poke their beaks into everything. 


Can ducks die from eating onions?

No, ducks will not die from eating onions as they are not harmful if the amount of onion is insufficient, and it can become the reason to die if the onion quantity is higher.

Are spring onions safe for ducks?

Spring onions have a comparatively lower amount of compounds present in them. Still, they are not safe for ducks to eat spring onions, and any variety of onions is unsafe for ducks.

Can ducklings eat onions?

Ducklings should never eat onions, whether raw, cooked or in any form. It has indigestible compounds in ducklings and can still create various diseases like anaemia and diarrhoea.

Can ducks eat green onions?

Onions are not suitable for poultry birds, and they are toxic, and a small amount of onion is still harmful and can cause various diseases. Just do not feed onions!

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