Can Ducks Eat Oranges? 4 Risks | Full Guide

Can Ducks Eat Oranges

Orange, a fruit of various citrous species from the family Rutaceae, is highly nutritious and juicy, and its nutritional value makes them a preferred choice. But when it comes to ducks and oranges, the combination may give adverse results. 

There is a wide range of fruit options for feeding them, and they can eat many fruits and vegetables. But there is an exception, too, and pet owners should be aware of that.

Pet owners’ most common question regarding their pet ducks is, can ducks eat oranges? Well, there are so many fruits that pet owners can serve to their adorable pet ducks! 

Can Ducks Eat Oranges?

No! Ducks can not eat oranges, and pet owners should never even try to feed their pet ducks with oranges. Oranges are not considered to be healthy for domestic ducks and not even wild ducks. 

Any kind of citrus fruit is not healthy for pet ducks to consume. And oranges are one of the most citrus fruits that ducks should not eat. 

Why are Oranges Bad for Ducks?

Feeding oranges to ducks can lead to many health issues, which are not considered good for ducks. Oranges are known to stop the calcium absorption process, leading to the bad quality of duck egg shells. And if pet owners will serve their pet ducks with oranges, then their bodies will not be able to absorb the calcium. Certain elements in oranges also lead to diarrhea in ducks. 

Combining all, feeding oranges will lead to poor health conditions in pet ducks. Pet owners should always avoid feeding their pet ducks any citrus fruits and not just oranges. For example, pet owners should not feed their pet ducks with grapes, lemons, and many more. 

4 Risks of Feeding Oranges to Ducks

1: Citric Acid Blocks Calcium Reabsorption 

One of the most harmful risks of feeding oranges to pet ducks is that they don’t allow the calcium to get reabsorbed in the bodies of ducks. In the absence of calcium reabsorption procedures, the bones of ducks are poorly affected. And not only this, but it also leads to the poor quality of the shells of duck eggs. These things make oranges a bad choice to feed to pet ducks. 

2: Orange Skin Can’t be Digested 

Pet ducks can never digest the outer skin of oranges, which makes another strong reason not to feed them with this fruit. And if ducks ever try to consume the outer skins of oranges, they will face many digestion problems.

3: Sugar Leads to Obesity 

Oranges are known to be a good source of sugar, and sugar content is never considered to be a healthy element for ducks to have. When pet ducks feed on the oranges, it will turn them obese, and not only this; it will also lead to several heart diseases. 

4: Citric Acid Causes Loose Motions 

There is an abundance of citric acid in oranges, and pet ducks will get affected by it, leading to bad diarrhea. And it also can lead to heartburn in ducks.

What to Do if Your Duck Has Eaten Oranges?

Harmful effects depend on the quantity of that food anyone is consuming. The same goes for the case of ducks. First, pet owners should always avoid feeding their pet ducks oranges; if their pet ducks have eaten it, they should know the amount. 

A small bite of orange will not harm pet ducks in any way, so that is not unhealthy and fatal for ducks. But, if the amount is huge, it is a matter of concern. In that case, pet owners should consult the vet first and then follow the things they will advise.


So, when it comes to can ducks eat oranges, the answer is no. Ducks can not eat oranges, and no one should even try to feed their ducks any citrus fruits that include oranges. It will also result in the deteriorating conditions of bones in ducks. And all of these health conditions will be long-lasting in pet ducks! 

The citrus nature of oranges will also cause bad heart conditions in them. Therefore, avoiding feeding pet ducks with harmful oranges is always good. At this place, they can serve them other healthy fruits such as apples, watermelons, and much more. They will not only improve their health conditions but also won’t harm them. 


Can ducks die from eating oranges?

No! Ducks will not die from eating oranges, but oranges are never healthy for them to feed on.

Can ducklings eat oranges?

No! Ducklings can never feed on oranges, so pet owners should avoid feeding baby ducks with oranges.

Can ducks eat orange peels?

No! Ducks can not feed on the peels of oranges, and pet owners should never serve them with the outer skin of oranges.

Can ducks eat mandarin oranges?

No! Ducks can not eat any citrus fruits, and mandarin oranges are one of those fruits. And for this reason, pet owners should be cautious about this thing.

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