Can Ducks Eat Cabbage? 6 Benefits | Full Guide

Can ducks eat cabbage

Ducks are one of the most lovely and friendly ducks to have as a pet. The pet owners of ducks are very much attached to their pet ducks, so efficiently. And every pet owner wants to provide their lovely pet ducks with a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is possible with a healthy diet, served to them with every essential nutrient. 

Ducks can feed on a variety of fruits and vegetables. But can ducks eat cabbage? 

Cabbage is one of the most nutritious vegetables to ingest. And they provide several essential vitamins and minerals to the one who consumes them, and they are equally nutritious to the ducks too! 

Can Ducks Eat Cabbage?

Ducks can feed on cabbage. As a pet owner, one wants their pet ducks to eat healthily and stay healthy. Cabbage is a leafy vegetable, just like broccoli and turnip, full of nutrition. One can serve their ducks by grating the cabbage, boiling it, or even the frozen cabbage. 

If the ducks have never interacted with the cabbage, the pet owners should serve them first with the tiny leaves. Gradually, they will become habituated to eating it, and then the pet owners can try various methods to feed them with cabbages. 

How Often Can Ducks Eat cabbage?

You can feed the ducks with cabbages regularly, but the portion should be limited. Even when anything is so nutritious to the adorable pet ducks, one cannot serve them in abundance. Anything in excess won’t lead to excess nutrients and make them healthy; it will ultimately harm them and cause various health consequences. 

Due to all these reasons, one should never feed the pet ducks cabbage in an abundant amount, and the pet ducks must have cabbage leaves in a very moderate portion. 

Apart from the numerous nutrients, cabbage also constitutes a lot of water, and the daily consumption of cabbage will result in loose motions in ducks. Therefore, pet owners should keep a healthy amount in serving their pet ducks with cabbage.

Pet owners can also serve cabbage to their ducks and other fruits and vegetables and add food items like carrots, boiled and mashed potatoes, and much more. They should never serve them only cabbages alone, and it will hamper the balanced diet of their pet ducks. 

6 Benefits of Cabbage for Ducks

Vitamin A Elevates Vision 

The primary nutrient in cabbage is Vitamin A, vital for elevating and maintaining vision, and it also assists the ducks in reproduction procedures and enhances the immune system. So, along with cabbage, spinach is also a good option.

Beta Carotene for Cell Growth

Cabbage also consists of beta carotene, which is vital for improving vision and cell growth. Beta carotene is also known as beta karotene.

Potassium for Maintaining Muscles 

Potassium in cabbage assists the ducks in maintaining the contraction of muscles, the balance of fluids in them, and the nerve signals. 

Calcium for Egg Laying 

Calcium is one of the prime nutrients needed by ducks. And this can be fulfilled by feeding them with cabbages. 

The egg shells are made up of calcium, and to protect the future baby ducks as an egg and to provide them with all the essential nutrients, cabbages are necessary.

Phosphorous for Strong Bones 

Cabbage has phosphorus essential for the strong bones of ducks, and phosphorus also assists in the contraction of muscles in ducks. 

Niacin is for Energy 

Niacin is another nutrient found in cabbage which is vital for transforming fats, carbohydrates, and protein into energy.

2 Risks of Feeding Cabbage to Ducks

Excess of Cabbage Cause Diarrhoea 

Cabbage has a lot of water value, and excess feeding of cabbage will cause diarrhea in ducks and cause bloating issues. 

Large Portions Can Cause Choking Consequences 

If ducks feed on the large pieces of cabbage leaves, then they will choke on them. And eventually, this is going to cause them a lot of harm. Therefore, it is crucial to serving the smallest pieces possible.

How to Prepare Cabbage for Your Ducks? 

Pet owners should follow certain points before serving them the cabbages, which are very manageable. 

Cabbage Should be Shredded 

To avoid any cases of choking for the ducks, the pet owners should serve them by shredding the cabbage. It is also a quick way to serve them. One can use the grater to shred the cabbage. First, you should cut the cabbage into pieces, and then that should be placed into the grater. It is done for the fine-sized pieces that won’t choke the ducks. 

You Can Cook the Cabbage

When the cabbage leaf pieces are boiled in water, it eliminates the cabbage’s peculiar smell. It also assists in encouraging the ducks to eat those. However, pet owners can do this when their pet ducks are not fond of raw leaves! 

You Can Add the Cabbage Leaves to the Mashed Potatoes 

If the pet owners are thinking of serving their pet ducks with other veggies like potatoes, they can boil, mash and mix it with cabbage. And then they can serve it to their pet ducks. They can also add other vegetables in place of mashed potatoes. 

You Can Add the Cabbage to the Regular Pellets 

After the desired preparation of cabbage, the pet owners can serve it in their regular pellets. They can also mix that with several other fruits and veggies to enhance the taste and encourage them to feed on it. 


Now that we have the answer to can ducks eat cabbage? We can conclude that ducks can eat cabbage if served to them. However, pet owners should follow certain points while serving them. You should always chop cabbage leaves into tiny pieces so they won’t get stuck in them and cause any issues by choking.

The baby ducks can also eat cabbage in small amounts. Pet owners should wait for the time the baby ducks turn the age of four. After that, they will easily eat those pieces, and there will be no cases of choking.


Can ducklings eat cabbage?

Yes, baby ducks can eat cabbage as it gives them several nutrients. 

Do ducks like cabbage?

Yes, ducks love to eat cabbage, and pet owners can serve them with chopped cabbage or boiled.

Can ducks eat red cabbage?

Yes, ducks can consume red cabbage, which has no harmful constituents.

Can ducks eat savoy cabbage?

Yes, ducks can eat savoy cabbage.

Can ducks eat cooked cabbage?

Yes, one can boil the cabbage and serve it, and they will eat it.

Can ducks eat frozen cabbage?

Yes, ducks can eat frozen vegetables. But you should melt the ice before serving them.

Can ducks eat cabbage dolma?

Yes, ducks can eat cabbage dolma. But, the fillings inside the cabbage should be vegetarian.

Can ducks eat purple cabbage?

Yes, they can eat purple cabbage.

Can ducks eat chinese cabbage?

Pet owners can serve their pet ducks with Chinese cabbage.

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