Can Ducks Eat Peas? 7 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Ducks Eat Peas

Green vegetables are always a beneficial food source of various vitamins and minerals. Peas are not an exception in nutritious values, and it has a good amount of vitamins and minerals which help function various organs. 

The small green-circled veggie tastes sweet and delicious. It contains vitamins A, K, B1, B3, B9, and C and minerals like protein, calcium, potassium, etc. All the compounds are undoubtedly necessary for humans and animals as well. 

If you have some ducks and are worried about their diet, can peas be helpful for them? Can ducks eat peas? Here you will get all the benefits and risks of feeding peas to your duck. 

Can Ducks Eat Peas?

Yes, ducks can eat peas, and they find the sweet taste delicious. Feeding the vegetable as a weekly treat is better due to some risk of overeating. Ducks can eat peas after softening them and soaking them in the water. As ducks don’t have teeth, soft food is easy to swallow. 

Additionally, most ducks choose cooked or thawed peas rather than frozen or split peas. As cooked and thawed peas are tastier than their other variations. 

How Often Can Ducks Eat Peas?

Ducks need fruits and vegetables in their regular diet. But those are not their staple foods. They can eat peas once a week, and you can serve them 10-20 grams at a time. But make sure that your pet can digest the food and prefer it. Otherwise, the veggie could be a boring treat for them. 

7 Benefits of Peas for Ducks 

The beneficial compounds in peas help multiple organs function well and maintain their performance, and it aids in digestion and bone and muscle well-being.

1: Vitamin A Promotes Vision & Immune System 

Peas contain a good amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A is one of the crucial elements for a healthy lifestyle. It promotes vision and overall eyes-health. Alongside this, the vitamin strengthens the immune system. An appropriate amount of vitamin A keeps your ducks away from various diseases and infections. 

2: Vitamin B1 & B3 Aids in Nervous System 

Vitamin B1 and B3 are other helpful elements for your ducks’ health. These two vitamins work in nervous health, brains, and muscles, and the vitamins also help in promoting heart health. 

3: Vitamin C Helps to Get Strong Bones & Healthy Feathers

Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that assists in different bodily works. The vitamin assists in getting strong bones and healthy plumage for your feathered pet. Additionally, the vitamin is involved in strengthening the immune system

4: Vitamin K Assist in Blood Clotting 

Unfortunately, if your bird gets a cut or injured, vitamin K helps reduce the injury. The vitamin helps in blood clotting. Therefore, the blood flow of an injury gets reduced by the vitamin. Leafy greens like kale, spinach, etc., have abundant vitamin K, and you can feed those vegetables to your pet safely. 

5: Folate (B9) & Magnesium Aid in Immune & Bones’ Formation

Folate works with the immune system and helps prevent disease and infections. On the other hand, magnesium aids in the formation of healthy bones

6: Calcium & Potassium Care for Bones And Muscles 

Peas have an adequate quantity of calcium and potassium, and these two minerals are very beneficial for bones and muscles—calcium and potassium help strengthen bones and muscles along with well-maintained cognitive functions

7: Fiber Provides A Smooth Digestive System 

Often, birds suffer from constipation, and they also need a smooth, functioning digestive system. The fiber in peas promotes the digestive system, and it helps to prevent potential bacterial buildup and recover the colon from previous effects. Cabbage is a great option for ducks. 

2 Risks of Feeding Peas to Ducks

Peas are safe for ducks until they consume them excessively. You should always balance the quantity and frequency of peas in your pet’s daily diet. 

1: Excessive Sugar Causes Obesity 

Peas contain a large amount of sugar, and it has 6% sugar by weight, meaning almost 60% sugar is present in peas. Hence, consider the feeding amount if you frequently serve peas to your duck; the sugar level increases. 

Excessive sugar accumulates in the duck’s body. Due to a lack of physical activity, sugar converts into fat. The fat increases your pet’s weight, and excessive weight causes damage to the legs. 

2: Deficiency of Other Vitamins & Minerals

If ducks consume too many peas, they deny eating the other foods. As peas do not have all the necessary vitamins and minerals, ducks could be deficient in other vitamins and minerals, and that causes other severe health issues. 

How to Prepare Peas for Your Ducks

Purchase Organic & Fresh Peas 

Always try to buy organic and fresh fruits and veggies for pets. As small creatures’ immune systems and overall health are very sensitive, you must be careful. So, buy organic and fresh peas from the market.

Collect the Peas and Wash Them Thoroughly

Remove the peel and collect the tiny green balls. Wash the peas well with clean water. If there are any rotten peas, remove them from your pet’s dish. 

Float Them in Water 

Ducks are always fun with water and fond of water-feeder creatures. If you float some peas in a water pot, your duck will get excited. 

Cook & Mash Them 

Cooked peas are more nutritious for ducks, and ducks find it easy to swallow the softened peas. You can cook and mash the peas, which will be a new and delicious dish for your pet. 


The question, can ducks eat peas? will not bother you anymore. You can safely serve the veggie to your pet occasionally. You have only to consider the amount and frequency of feeding the veggie, as the extra sugar harms your pet. 

You can feed other veggies and fruits in moderation to your duck. They are fond of sweet foods and their soft texture. As ducks are omnivorous, you don’t need to be anxious about their diet, and they eat different types of nutritious foods. Your responsibility is to balance your pet’s diet and major the quantity because excessive eating leads to several health issues.


Do ducks like peas?

Yes, ducks like peas and find their sweetness tasty.

Can ducklings eat peas?

No, you should not feed peas to ducklings until they turn 4 weeks old.

Are peas safe for ducks?

Yes, moderate consumption of peas is safe for ducks.

Can ducks eat raw peas?

Yes, raw peas are one of the best options to feed your duck.

Can ducks eat cooked peas?

Yes, cooked peas are more nutritious. Ducks are fond of eating soft food.

Can ducks eat split peas?

Making split peas is not healthy, so you should not feed them to your pet.

Can ducks eat frozen peas?

Yes, they can eat frozen peas. But do defrost the peas before serving; otherwise, your duck will get into a choking hazard.

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