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can ducks eat corn

Keeping a bird as a pet raises many questions in the mind of owners. It will be difficult for individuals who keep ducks and chickens as pets. There are many reasons for keeping ducks and chickens as pets. Every pet owner wants to know the type of food suitable for the birds. Generally, birds eat grains. Can ducks eat corn? Will corn be healthy for them or not? Such kinds of doubts are common for first-time bird owners.

Apart from corn, there are many foods that birds can eat, like peas, oatmeals and grains. The amount of protein-count carbs is ideal for the normal body functioning of birds. 

For offering instant energy to remain active for a long time, such foods are suitable and digest quickly without any side effects.

Can Ducks Eat Corn?

Corns are an excellent and incredible nutrient that ducks like to eat, and the small pops are just perfect for them as a munching snack. A duck feeder can give cracked corn and whole corn as they are easier to digest. Cracked corn is the same as corn kernels that are dried and ground into fine pieces. Always ensure the grain size is small enough that ducks can easily gulp it. 

Ducks love to eat corn, but it is necessary to ensure that feeding corn must be occasional. Usually, ducks need to have 16% of the protein in their diet, which means you can add only some amount of corn to the diet. Ducks require other food items that improve their mental health with their benefits. Though, many feeders use corn because it is affordable and easily available for feeding ducks.

How Often Can Ducks Eat Corn?

Ducks can eat corn any other day as it is not harmful to their health. A prominent health benefit of corn is its good for the eyes.

The nutritional count of corn is composed of manganese, phosphorus, and calcium makes it good for the eye health of the bird. You should give it to the ducks as a treat. Though, you should keep it from three to six weeks old ducklings as their metabolism needs to be stronger to digest properly.

Avoid overfeeding ducks, as too much corn, is unhealthy; it will make the stools hard, resulting in difficulty excreting them.

2 Benefits of Corn for Ducks

1: High Profile Nutrients

Corn contains many vital nutrients which are mandatory for ducks to have. Not only for ducks, but it is promising for humans as well. If we take 100gm of boiled corn, we get a good percentage of calories, water, protein, carbs, sugar, and many such crucial nutrients. Corn is also a good source of heat, so eating it warms the body. 

The perfect partner for eye health as It contains many such nutrients that are responsible for increasing the health status of the body. It comprises many antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein, which are perfect for ideal eye health.

2: Lowers Heart Risk

It is a health-protecting element, lowering the risk of heart-related diseases. By consuming corn, the chances of suffering from heart disease are lower if eaten in the right proportion. That is why iron is implied to as healthy for the bird.

2 Risks of Feeding Corn to Ducks

Proportion control is the only thing that matters for safety, and it can become dangerous for any individual if eaten in more amounts than the required one.

1: Corn Intolerance

It doesn’t matter whether the duck is capable of tolerating corn. The reason for this intolerance is gluten, and such intolerance can cause an autoimmune response to gluten, creating an allergic element. Many ducks might be allergic to corn. So feed them accordingly.

2: Presence of Antinutrients

There is some portion of phytic acids present in the corn. It disturbs the absorption of minerals like zinc and iron due to a deficiency of such essential minerals in the body of an organism. 

That is the reason why it is suggested to feed corn within limits. 

What Type of Corn Can Ducks Eat?

Usually, ducks can eat any easily digestible corn. Mostly, it is preferred to feed cracked corn as they are easy to digest and nutritious to them. Ducks can eat raw, sweet, and corn kernels. It is crucial to remember that the quantity of corn feeding must be within limits, as overfeeding can be dangerous for the ducks. Better is to avoid overfeeding. 

Try adding other food items and feeding corn occasionally. Many feeders can also give frozen corn if corn is not effortlessly available. The feeders need to defrost them first, then feed them.

How to Prepare Corn for Your Ducks?

Feeding corn to ducks is not a hectic task and does not require any additional actions for feeding. You can fulfil several steps for easy feeding:

Sprinkle Corn on the Ground

Sprinkle the corn on the ground for the ducks. They will come by themselves and eat. Cracked corn is especially suitable for ducks to eat, and it is generally good for them because it makes them familiar with the surroundings and comfortable.

Crush the Kernels

For easy gulping, it is suggested to grind/crush the corn kernels as it can choke them. Ducks do not chew; they gulp everything. 

Mixing With Birdseed

To make the meal more nutritious, mix irons with bird seeds, which improves the taste and their diet and interest in the food. These are the steps that a feeder can follow while feeding.


Corn is undoubtedly healthy for ducks, and they are eventually healthy for every living organism on the earth if the amount of eating is correct. We have got an answer to the query: can ducks eat corn? Yes, ducks love to eat corn, and they are healthy for them as well. Ducks are omnivore birds that can eat anything offered to them.

The feeder must ensure that the corn size is small and easily gulped. Everything is healthy until it exceeds the required amount.


Do ducks like corn?

Yes, ducks like to eat corn as it is healthy and nutritious for growing properly.

Can ducklings eat corn?

No, ducklings can’t eat corn and are not suggested to feed them because it has low protein count than what is required for them.

Can ducks eat sweet corn?

Ducks love to eat sweet corn because of its sweet taste, which makes it appealing for them to eat. However, you must monitor an amount every time.

Can ducks eat baby corn?

Yes, ducks can eat baby corn as well. They are smaller than regular corn, and it will be safe for them to eat without any issues.

Can ducks eat popcorn?

No, ducks must not eat popcorn as it is not safe for them to eat, and popcorn is baked and has oil in it.

Can ducks eat corn husks?

Yes, ducks can eat the covering of corn. They are harmless and nutritious, and they can eat them as a treat; it also improves metabolism.

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