Can Ducks Eat Kale? 3 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Ducks Eat Kale

Ducks are one of the most friendly and adorable pets to have, and they are natural omnivores and can also feed on animal and plant products. In general, ducks feed on aquatic insects, worms, and plants. But pet ducks can feed on a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

To keep ducks healthy and happy, pet owners should serve them healthy food items that will provide them with several nutritional elements. With so many options for feeding ducks, pet owners may think of serving them with kale. Kale is considered very nutritious for humans, but Can ducks eat kale? 

Can Ducks Eat Kale?

Pet owners can serve their pet ducks with kale. Kale has a lot many health benefits that are gained by ducks when they consume this. Pet owners can serve their pet ducks with kale as a regular meal or side dish. 

However, feeding with a lot of kale can be problematic for ducks and harm them in several ways. So, pet owners should always try to feed a limited amount of Kale without overfeeding them.

Ducks eating a lot of kale will suffer from diarrhea and bloating. One can mix the kale with other healthy food alternatives such as mashed potatoes, salad, soup, oats, and many more. Ducks are known to be very non-picky when it comes to food. And so, they will love these combinations of food. 

How Often Can Ducks Eat kale?

Pet owners can serve their pet ducks with kale as a daily meal, but they need to take care of the amount. Pet owners should look at the number of other food items while serving kale. When someone wants to feed their pet ducks with more kale, they need to lower the number of food items. 

Kale is known to have a high amount of water; if pet owners feed them high amounts of kale, then ducks will suffer from severe health issues.  

3 Benefits of Kale For Ducks

1: Vitamin C as an Antioxidant 

Vitamin C is considered a very healthy element for ducks, and kale is known to have a good amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C also assists them in fighting the deficiency of iron.

2: Iron for Bone Strength 

Iron and kale are abundant for the production of hemoglobin and the proper transfer of blood in the whole body, and iron also assists with the strengthening of the bones in ducks.

3: Potassium for Fluid Balance 

Potassium is known to balance the fluid in ducks, which is necessary for keeping the body’s cells healthy. It is a electrolyte that can be used to maintain proper function of heart and muscles.

2 Risks of Feeding Kale to Ducks

1: Can Cause Loose Motions 

Kale is known to have a lot of water content, and when ducks eat kale in large amounts, it will make them suffer from loose motions.

2: Can Make Them Bloated 

When pet owners serve their pet ducks large amounts of kale, it will make them suffer from bloating problems, leading to several other health issues.

How to Prepare Kale for Your ducks?

Cut and Toss in Water 

Before feeding the pet ducks with kale, the first step is to cut them into small parts. They can try cutting the leaves one by one and even taking some more at a time. Those pieces need a massage, and pet owners should toss them in the water after getting done with them. 

Mixing With Other Food Items 

After the first step, pet owners can mix those pieces with other healthy food items. They can go for other veggies such as cabbage, broccoli, and many more, and they can also mix it with oats or a mixture of fruits and vegetables. 

Try Kale Smoothie 

One of the most interesting and delicious ways to serve pet ducks with kale is by preparing a smoothie bowl, and pet owners can add various fruits and vegetables. 

Try Kale Chips 

Another way of serving ducks with kale is by preparing chips made up of kale and it is also a delicious and healthy way to serve kale to ducks.


Now that we know can ducks eat kale, we can conclude that ducks can feed on kale; it provides them with many nutritious elements considered very healthy. Ducks can feed on kale like other leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli, and much more. Being non-picky in food items, ducks can eat almost every veggie so they can eat kale too. However, pet owners should never overfeed their pets with food that will not make them healthy.  


Do ducks like kale?

Yes! Ducks are fond of feeding on kale, and pet owners can serve their ducks with kale.

Can ducklings eat kale?

Yes! Kale is very healthy for baby ducks. Kale provides so many healthy nutrients to baby ducks.

Is kale safe for ducks?

Yes! Kale is a very safe and healthy food item for ducks to feed on, and ducks get many healthy nutrients from kale.

Can ducks eat raw kale?

Kale is like a leafy vegetable; just like several other leafy veggies, ducks can eat raw kale too, which is entirely safe for them.

Can ducks eat kale stems?

Yes! Ducks can feed on kale and on the stems of kale too.

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