Can Ducks Eat Blackberries ? 6 Benefits | Full Guide

can ducks eat blackberries

If you want to consume nutrients and vitamins, fruits are the best source. Human to animal, fruits are very nutritious for them. Berries are known for their sweet and tangy flavor and provide multiple vitamins and minerals. Blackberries are one of the popular berries grown in shrubs. Small fruits’ black and dark purple colors are tasty and beneficial for humans and birds. 

Now, you may think of feeding blackberries to your bird. And if you own some ducks, then the question is, can ducks eat blackberries? It may bother you. But do not worry and go through the article to get the appropriate guide on this topic. 

Can Ducks Eat Blackberries?

Yes, ducks can undoubtedly eat blackberries, and they gobble that tasty, juicy fruit. Blackberries have plentiful nutrients that aid in the overall growth of your duck. Also, if your pet gets bored with their regular diet, blackberries could play a good role as a tasty treat. Along with nutrition, your duck will get interested in food after getting those juicy berries. 

How Often Can Ducks Eat Blackberries?

You can serve blackberries to your duck as a treat, and a moderate feeding twice or thrice a week is fine for a matured duck. Only add 10% of blackberries to your duck’s diet. Fruits and veggies are part of the ducks’ diet. But these do not staple foods for them. Moderate feeding will benefit your pet, but excessive feeding could cause several health issues. 

6 Benefits of Blackberries for Ducks

Like all edible fruits, blackberries are also nutritious and beneficial food that provides numerous health benefits to your pet. Ducks need all the vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, C, and K, fiber, magnesium, etc. And blackberries have all those nutritious elements. 

1: Vitamin A Strengthens Immune System 

Blackberries contain a good amount of vitamin A. Ducks require vitamin A for a good and healthy immune system. A strong immune system protects your pet from multiple infections and diseases, and your little pet will not get injured easily after possessing a powerful immune system. Additionally, vitamin A is involved in plumage care, and your ducks will get a healthy feathers after getting an adequate amount of vitamin A. 

2: Vitamin C Helps in Protein Synthesis 

All tangy or sour taste fruits have vitamin C. Vitamin C requires for several health benefits. It aids in protein synthesis, which helps your pet’s overall growth. Also, vitamins enhance skin texture. Your ducks’ will be more attractive after consuming an adequate amount of vitamin C. Grapes and peaches are also good sources of vitamin C and are safe for ducks. 

3: Vitamin K Helps in Blood Clotting 

If ducks get any cut or injury, unfortunately, the blood flow does not stop if there is a deficiency of vitamin K. Blackberries have an adequate amount of vitamin K. It helps in clotting blood and stops the blood flow. 

4: Magnesium Gives Strong Egg Shell 

Blackberries contain plenty of magnesium. Magnesium helps get strong eggshells; if the eggshells are soft, there is a lack of magnesium. Also, magnesium promotes nerve and muscle function. 

5: Polyphenol Protects from Oxidative Stress & Motor Skill Deterioration

Blackberries contain a component named polyphenol. Polyphenol protects ducks from oxidative stress and motor skills deterioration. Also, the compound promotes cognitive health

6: Fiber Assists in Healthy Digestion 

The fiber present in blackberries helps your duck to get healthy digestion. Your bird will get a smooth digestion and will not get constipated. Notably, do not feed excessive berries as it could cause stomach issues. You can feed bananas to your pet as it contains plentiful fiber. 

2 Risks of Feeding Blackberries to Ducks 

1: Excessive Consumption Causes Obesity 

Blackberries contain sugar in abundance. If your ducks consume the fruit vastly, their sugar intake will increase. Due to excessive sugar consumption and lack of physical activity, the sugar starts accumulating. The accumulation of sugar converts into fat, and your pet will get obese. 

2: Too Much Feeding Causes Stomach Ache 

If you feed blackberries to your ducks, they would first fill with the fruits and will not eat other required foods. Also, they could get stomach aches. Sometimes, ducks cannot digest the berries if they are overstuffed, leading to stomach pain. 

How to Prepare Blackberries for Your Ducks?

Purchase Fresh & Organic Blackberries 

Before providing fruit or veggies to your pet, make sure to purchase organic and fresh produce. First, buy fresh fruit from a reputable shop. Also, do not feed rotten fruit to your pet as it harms them dangerously. 

Wash the Berries Well 

After purchasing the juicy fruit, wash them with clean water carefully. You can wash them with lukewarm water or give them a vinegar wash for more safety. 

Cut into Small Pieces

After the cleaning process, cut the fruit into small pieces. Cutting the fruit is mandatory as ducks do not have teeth, and they swallow their food. So, make sure that they do not get into any choking hazards. 


Here is the answer to your question Can ducks eat blackberries? You can feed them but not excessively. The juicy fruit is tasty and beneficial for your ducks, but you should focus on their daily diet. Their staple foods should be water creatures, seafood, and pellets. Also, ducklings can have some fruits occasionally after they turn four weeks old.

Furthermore, do not force them to eat raspberries if they don’t like them. Ducks are lively birds, and they often find their food themselves. So, it would help if you freed them sometimes so that they could find their food roaming around the territory. 


Do ducks like blackberries?

Yes, ducks like blackberries. It is fond of juicy sweet fruit.

Can ducklings eat blackberries?

Yes, ducklings can eat a few berries after they turn four weeks old.

Are blackberries safe for ducks?

Yes, blackberries are safe and beneficial for ducks. But do not feed them excessively.

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