Can Ducks Eat Watermelon? 4 Benefits | Full Guide

can ducks eat watermelon

One of the loveliest and most friendly pets to have are duck and is also one of the longest-living pets to have by pet owners. Each duck is distinct from the others; however, the eating habits and the problems arising from the wrong servings of food are the same in all of them.

Ducks are very fond of fruits and vegetables, and feeding them fruits is one of the most crucial ways to keep them healthy and happy. There is a wide range of fruits and veggies that they can eat, and one of the major concerns for pet owners is whether can ducks eat watermelon. 

Watermelons are delicious summer fruits with multiple health benefits in them. Ducks can eat watermelons, and pet owners can serve them as a snack on a hot summer day to their adorable pet ducks. And the pet duck will receive all those health benefits of watermelon. 

Can Ducks Eat Watermelons?

Yes, ducks can eat watermelon and get all its nutritious elements from it. They are in love with this juicy fruit. There are other juicy fruits too such as grapes, strawberries and many more. Humans generally do not eat some parts of the watermelon, such as the outer covering or the peel of watermelon. However, ducks can eat the whole watermelon. It also assists in reducing the waste of uneaten fruits. 

Watermelon is a great source of many nutrients that assist ducks in being healthy and in their growth. Those nutrients are vitamin c, vitamin k, water, and more. 

How Often Can Ducks Eat watermelon?

Pet owners can make watermelons as a daily snack for their pet ducks. However, specific safety measures must be considered while serving them this fruit, and they should remove all the excess seeds before feeding their ducks’ watermelon.

Pet owners should also make small chops of large watermelons to assist the pet ducks in easy eating and digestion. Also, apart from all these safety measures, they should never feed their adorable pet ducks with excess watermelons, as it will cause them health problems. They need to keep the amount of this fruit moderate for them. 

4 Benefits of Watermelon For Ducks

Vitamin C for Increasing Egg Production 

Vitamin c is one of the most crucial elements of watermelons. And ducks require this vitamin for the production of their eggs, and vitamin C’s assistance boosts the rate of egg production and the quality of the eggs. 

Vitamin C is also known to boost the immune system of ducks—it assists them in fighting against the stress of heat on summer days.

Magnesium for Egg Shells 

Magnesium is another very crucial nutrient found in watermelons. And magnesium is a vital element for the strength of the shells of eggs in ducks. 

Vitamin A for the Growth 

Watermelon has an abundance of vitamin A. Vitamin A is a crucial element in the growth of ducks. When any duck does not have the right amount of vitamin A, its development is hindered. On the other hand, when the ducks consume enough vitamin A, they have healthy and good growth. 

Potassium for the Electrolyte Balance 

Potassium is one of the significant nutrients for the electrolyte balance in ducks. When ducks are not getting sufficient potassium, they suffer from dehydration issues. 

3 Risks of Feeding Watermelon to Ducks

High Sugar is Unsafe 

It is a known fact that watermelon has a lot of sugar in it. And when it comes to ducks, sugars are not suitable for them! However, when the watermelons are served in a moderate amount and not in any excess amount, that does not cause any issues for the ducks. And they get the nutritious values from watermelon. 

Many Seeds Can Choke 

Watermelons are one of those fruits which contain a lot of seeds in it. And when the ducks are fed with those, they may cause choking issues or even problems in digestion. 

High Water Content Can Cause Diarrhea 

When the levels of water rise in the bodies of ducks, it results in diarrhea. Watermelon has a lot of water content in it. And when pet owners serve their ducks an abundance of watermelon, it results in health issues for them. 

Everything served in moderation is good for health and to grow well. The exact goes with the pet ducks. When they are served everything in moderation, they can get all the nutritional elements from it, and that does not cause any harm to their health or growth.

How to Prepare Watermelon for Your Ducks?

Removal of the Excess Seeds 

Pet owners should ensure that they are not feeding their pet ducks with so many seeds and watermelons. Too many seeds may cause choking problems, a health issue for their pet ducks.

Cut into Small Parts 

Before serving the pet ducks with watermelons, they should get chopped into tiny pieces, which will help them eat watermelons easily.

Choose the Organic and Fresh Ones 

Pet owners should never serve their pet ducks moldy, old and spoiled watermelons, as it will cause them health issues. They should remove all the bad watermelons so ducks won’t feed on them.

Puree is Good for Easy Consumption

Pet owners can also prepare a puree of watermelons. It will assist their pet ducks in easy consumption and will not result in choking hazards. 


Watermelons are considered to be one of the tastiest and most nutritious fruits. But can ducks eat watermelon? Pet owners can serve their pet ducks this healthy fruit. Ducks can eat every part of a watermelon, including the outer shells of watermelon, and they can also eat the seeds inside it. However, pet owners should always try not to feed them an excess of watermelon seeds. They should also keep water while providing them with this delicious fruit. 


Can ducklings eat watermelon?

Yes! The babies of ducks can eat the watermelons, and one can feed them.

Do ducks like watermelon?

Yes! Ducks are in love with the watermelon.

Can ducks eat watermelon seeds?

Yes! Ducks can eat the seeds of the watermelon. But, it is advised not to feed them with the seeds.

Can Ducks Eat watermelon rind?

Yes! Pet owners can feed their pet ducks with the watermelon rind.

Can ducks eat dried watermelons?

Yes, pet owners can serve their pet ducks with dried watermelons.

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