Can Ducks Eat Cucumber? 5 Benefits | Full Guide

can ducks eat cucumber

Ducks are one of the most friendly and cheerful pets to have pet owners; they attach to their owners in no time and are very adorable. The pet owner is responsible for keeping them healthy, happy, and safe. 

The first step is to feed them good and nutritious food. If the ducks eat well, then they will stay good and cheerful. They can consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. And with this wide range of options, pet owners are often confused: can ducks eat cucumber? 

Cucumbers are fresh and juicy vegetables filled with numerous nutrients in them. Along with the inside part of the cucumber, the outer skin is equally nutritious to consume. But, when it comes to the ducks, then are they able to feed on them? 

Can Ducks Eat Cucumbers?

Ducks can eat cucumber as they can get all the nutritional elements from cucumber. Cucumber consists of highly nutritious components essential for the ducks to stay healthy and grow well. There are multiple other vegetables such as green peas, cabbage and much more that is highly nutritious just like cucumbers.

Cucumber contains carbohydrates, proteins, niacin, magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin k, and much more. All of them are essential to have in the ducks and the ducklings.

How Often Can Ducks Eat Cucumbers?

Pet owners can decide to feed their pet ducks with cucumbers twice a week. But, they should maintain the quantity of feeding them, and it should be in a moderate amount that will not cause any harm to the ducks. 

Even when the cucumbers are so nutritious for ducks to consume, one can not serve them in abundance! Everyone knows that having anything in excess will cause harm. And the same happens in this case when the ducks will consume a lot of cucumbers. 

Since there has a great water percentage in cucumbers, consuming it in excess can cause diarrhea in the ducks. Therefore, pet owners should always avoid feeding cucumbers to their pet ducks regularly. 

5 Benefits of Cucumber for Ducks

Water Keeps Them Hydrated 

Cucumbers have a lot of water which keeps the duck’s bodies hydrated and maintains the water balance. The percentage of water in cucumbers is approximately 95%. 

Maintains the Digestive System 

Cucumbers are known to contain properties that maintain the digestive system of pet ducks. There is caecum in ducks, which assists them in absorbing the fibers and cellulose, and fibers help them in hurdle-less digestion and the absorption procedures of various nutrients. The cucumbers assist them in regulating bowel movements in ducks, eventually leading to smooth and easy digestion procedures. 

Assists in Boosting the Immune System

Cucumbers consist of vitamins. The major ones are vitamin c and vitamin k. Both of these vitamins boost and maintain the immune system of ducks which assists them in defending themselves from several diseases. 

Calcium for Egg Shells 

Cucumbers contain calcium, one of the most crucial elements for the strength of the eggshells of ducks. Only the baby ducks will be healthy and ready to come into this world when the eggshells are protected. 

Potassium for the Fluid Balance 

Another crucial constituent of cucumbers is potassium. Potassium is essential for the maintenance of fluid inside the duck’s body, and it is also necessary for the proper functioning processes of multiple nerve cells and muscle cells.

3 Risks of Feeding Cucumbers to Ducks

Large Pieces Can Cause Choking Hazards 

It is very crucial to cut the cucumbers into tiny pieces before feeding them to the ducks. If not, they may choke on it, which will cause a lot of damage to them. 

Overfeeding Can Cause Diarrhea 

Pet owners feeding their ducks an excess of cucumbers will cause them several health issues, one of which is diarrhea. And this is due to the reason that cucumbers have a lot of water. 

Cucumbers May Lead to Breathing Issues

Pet owners must pay attention to their pet ducks the first time they feed them with cucumbers. There are some times when they start sneezing, and there are also times when they seem like they are not able to breathe properly. These are indications that pet owners should understand that cucumbers are not suited to their pet ducks and should not feed them with cucumbers. 

How to Prepare Cucumber for Your Ducks?

Chop Them Into Tiny Pieces 

Pet owners should never feed their ducks with unchopped cucumbers. The ducks cannot eat large pieces of cucumbers, which may cause choking hazards. Before feeding them, one must ensure that the cucumbers are chopped into small pieces, and then that should be served to the pet ducks. 

Adding the Pieces to the Water 

Before feeding them, you must put the pieces of cucumber into the water first. It is one of the most crucial steps in serving them cucumbers. When the ducks consume the cucumber pieces along with the water, then the case of choking hazards gets minimal. And it is one of the safest means to feed them. 

One should always use clean water; otherwise, it may expose the duck to other harmful elements that will harm the ducks. 

Give Mashed Potatoes With Cucumber 

Pet owners can serve their pet ducks with mashed potatoes along with cucumbers. This way, they can gain the nutrients of cucumbers and potatoes. But, one should never add any spices when serving ducks, mashed potatoes, and cucumber; otherwise, it will lead to several health issues for them. 


Pet owners can serve their adorable pet ducks with cucumbers. They can also serve it along with the peels. However, they can not serve them the leaves of cucumbers. The leaves consist of cucurbitacin, which is very harmful to them. Cucumber is also needed to be served in moderate quantities. Even if they are so nutritious, they should not consume a lot. Else, it will harm them and cause them health issues. 


Can ducklings eat cucumbers?

Yes! Baby ducks can eat cucumbers. Pet owners can feed them cucumbers.

Do ducks like cucumbers?

Yes! Ducks like to eat cucumbers, one of their favorite food choices.

Can ducks eat cucumber skin?

Yes! You can feed ducks the cucumbers with their peels.

Can ducks eat cucumber leaves?

No, it is not favorable to feed ducks cucumber leaves.

Can ducks eat cucumber seeds?

Yes! Ducks can eat cucumber seeds.

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