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can ducks eat grapes

Ducks are omnivorous animals, and they can eat a variety of foods. It is fun watching ducks eating. People love feeding ducks and watching them while they gobble them up. Ducks are creatures that can eat anything you drop at their feet, and they will enthusiastically eat everything. Ducks can eat fruits like bananas, plums, watermelons, pears, and peaches. However, not everything a duck eats is safe and healthy. For example, people love feeding bread to ducks. However, bread is not a healthy food for ducks.

Some people feed grapes to domestic and wild ducks. Now the question is can a duck eat grapes? According to research, grapes have several essential nutrients and many health benefits.

Can Ducks Eat Grapes?

Ducks can eat grapes as they love eating grapes. Grapes contain many nutrients and vitamins like C and K. They are also high in water and contain potassium and Calcium. 

However, grapes are healthy for a duck, but one should not overfeed them. One should feed a duck once in a while and only give ripe grapes to the duck. Overfeeding can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, and stomach upset.

What Types of Grapes are Best for Ducks?

Seedless Grapes are preferred to feed ducks, which can be green, red, or black based on availability.

There are over 16 different types of grapes. They come in different sizes and colors. If you want to feed grapes to duck, always go for seedless grapes. Centennial is good. However, ducks can eat grapes with seeds. But there is a risk of choking.

How Often Can ducks Eat grapes?

Ducks love to eat grapes; if you feed them daily, they will gladly eat them. But as grapes are high in sugar, giving large amounts of grapes to ducks isn’t a good idea. Feeding grapes regularly could lead to diabetes and affect the body’s working process.

Therefore, you should only feed grapes as a healthy snack to provide nutritional supplements to the body. Only feed grapes to your duck once or twice a week. And keep them at less than 10% of their diet.

7 Benefits of Grapes for Ducks 

Potassium Maintains Fluid Balance

Potassium is essential for a duck. Potassium regulates fluid balance in the body and helps muscle contraction and nerve signals. It also maintains overall health.

Vitamin C for Duck’s Eggs

Vitamin C is crucial in improving the quality and quantity of eggs. A duck lacking Vitamin C in its diet can develop scurvy, and feeding grapes to a duck can help in curing the lack of Vitamin C.

Vitamin A Improves Eyesight and Hearing

Vitamin A can improve the eye health, hearing, eyesight, and bones of birds. Moreover, some research helps maintain mucus membranes that protect the duck’s body from external agents. Lacking Vitamin A can cause many skin and feather issues. 

Vitamin D Cures Calcium Deficiency

Like humans, birds also get Vitamin D from the sun. Lack of Vitamin D leads to calcium deficiency, and grapes contain Vitamin D that helps maintain vitamin D in a ducks body.

Iron Cures Anemia

Iron is as essential for the bird as for humans. If birds don’t get the proper amount of iron, they can suffer from lethal anemia. However, grapes are low in iron but can be helpful.

Calcium Strengthen Bones

Ducks need Calcium the most because Calcium gives extra strength to the skeleton. As we know, ducks can not fly and rely on their legs more. So they need Calcium for more muscular legs. Ducks also need Calcium because they lay eggs. 

Manganese Aids Biochemical Functioning

Research shows that Manganese is an essential mineral. A balanced amount of Manganese helps properly function biochemical and cellular reactions.

3 Risks of Feeding Grapes to Ducks 

It would help if you always are aware of all the risks before feeding anything to an animal. There are many risks of feeding grapes to ducks; even a tiny mistake on our side can severely harm the ducks. 

Risk of High Blood Sugar Level

The high sugar level in grapes is harmful to ducks. Feeding grapes regularly and in an unbalanced way can increase the blood sugar level, leading to diabetes.

Risk of Diarrhea

The unripe grapes have citric acid in them. If you feed them to your duck, it can upset its stomach. A duck can suffer from nausea and diarrhea by overfeeding unripe grapes.

The Risk of Choking

If you feed grapes without chopping, a duck can choke on them. Feeding grapes without chopping can even cause death to a duck. Always cut grapes into small pieces before feeding them to a duck.

How to Prepare Grapes for Your Ducks?

Wash the Grapes First

Washing grapes before feeding is necessary. All fruits and vegetables contain pesticides that can cause several diseases in a duck.

Choose Only Ripe Grapes

Unripe grapes contain citric acid that can upset a duck’s stomach. A duck can suffer from nausea and diarrhea by overfeeding unripe grapes.

Chop the Grapes Into Small Pieces 

Always chop grapes into smaller pieces. Chopping grapes will lessen the risk of choking. Make sure to make grapes as small as possible for the ducks to eat. Blend, chop, and mash grapes, then feed to ducks. 

Don’t Feed Moldy Grapes

Ducks can eat anything and even mold. Your pets trust you and will eat whatever you give them. However, it would help if you took care of your pet and never fed moldy food to your duck. It is toxic and may be lethal for them. 

Feed in Moderation 

Feeding in moderation can be helpful. Feed grapes as a snack, not as a meal. Providing too many grapes can increase high blood levels. Feed grapes to your duck once or twice a week. 


If you are a duck parent, you will see how exciting it is to have a duck. If you had a question, can ducks eat grapes? You might have your in-depth answer by now. 

Grapes are full of vitamins and minerals and loaded with beneficial nutrients for your ducks. However, always remember that grapes may have lots of benefits but also have some risks. So feed grapes to your duck in moderation.


Can ducklings eat grapes?

Never give grapes to a duckling, which can harm the baby duck. If you are thinking of cutting the grapes in half, still the pieces would be too big for a duckling’s mouth.

Do ducks like grapes?

Ducks enjoy and love eating all kinds of grapes. Grapes are like a treat for ducks, containing many nutrients and vitamins like C and K.

Why is it essential to feed chopped grapes to ducks?

Ducks can eat whatever you give them. If you feed whole grapes to them, they will swallow them, and it can cause choking. Feeding ducks chopped grapes will lessen the risk of choking.

How many grapes can ducks eat?

Always feed a couple of grapes to a duck. Overfeeding can be harmful to a duck. Feed your duck once or twice a week to give it all the nutrients and vitamins.

Can ducks eat grapes during winter?

Ducks can eat grapes during the winter season, and eating grapes in winter will give them sweets they will not get.

Can ducks eat the grape seed?

You can give grape seed to your duck. Ducks can eat grape seeds but not always.

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