Can Ducks Eat Cilantro? 4 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Ducks Eat Cilantro

Cilantro is a herbal plant that consists of so many nutritious elements. There are numerous terms used for cilantro in various parts of the world, including coriander, Chinese parsley, and much more. Not only the leaves of cilantro but also the seeds have so many health advantages. 

Various pet owners who have ducks as their pets are often concerned about the food items they will be serving to their pet ducks. Since ducks are not so picky about the food items served, it is easy for pet owners to select food for them. But one of the most common questions that pet owners always have in their back of mind is, can ducks eat cilantro? Is cilantro nutritious for them? Do they harm their pet ducks in any way? And there are several exact questions. 

Can Ducks Eat Cilantro?

Yes, Ducks can eat cilantro, and pet owners can feed their ducks a few times. Cilantro provides many healthy elements to pet ducks, such as potassium, zinc, and much more. Pet owners can feed their ducks with cilantro by adding them with other healthy food items like lettuce or even alone. 

Cilantro is not harmful to pet ducks as it is a herb and contains no unhealthy elements. Not only the leaves of cilantro but also the seeds of cilantro are highly nutritious for pet ducks.

How Often Can Ducks Eat cilantro?

Ducks can eat cilantro once or twice a week. When any pet owner plans to feed their pet ducks with cilantro, they should initiate this by a very small amount. They should not serve cilantro to their pet ducks as a whole meal; instead, they should go with a small amount and see the reaction of their pet ducks toward cilantro.

Slowly, pet owners can increase the amount of feeding cilantro. However, they should never do this more than two times a week and only serve their pet ducks cilantro once or twice a week. Overfeeding pet ducks with any food items will not make them very healthy all at once, or it can cause several health risks and make them fall sick. 

4 Benefits of Cilantro for Ducks

1: Remove the Heavy Metals from the Body 

Cilantros are known to remove the heavy metals inside ducks’ bodies and their babies. Pet ducks often eat anything they find in their way, and in this way, they used to eat a lot of harmful heavy metals too. And those are to be removed from the bodies as soon as possible. 

If those heavy and harmful metals remain in pet ducks’ bodies, they will face many health issues. It can also lead female ducks to infertility issues, and as a result, they won’t be able to produce new babies. 

2: Make the Bones Strong 

Cilantros are also known to make the bones strong in ducks, and it does this by adding minerals to the bones of pet ducks. It also makes antioxidants that boost the immunity of pet ducks and their babies.

3: Antioxidants are Great

Cilantros are known to consist of antioxidants that will eventually be very beneficial for the health of pet ducks. Antioxidants are known to help in improving the immune systems of pet ducks. They also assist in removing the harmful cells in ducks’ bodies that will harm them. It is also known to enhance the quality of eggs produced by pet ducks.

4: Vitamin C for Boosting the Immunity

Cilantros are known to have an abundance of vitamin C, and vitamin C assists pet ducks in being healthy in many ways. Vitamin C enhances the immunity in ducks along with helping them in surviving stressful situations that also include the sun’s heat rays.

2 Risks of Feeding Cilantro to Ducks

1: Risk of Malnutrition

Just like other animals, ducks also need a diet with proper protein. If you regularly feed your duck cilantro, it is not healthy for them. Cilantro is low in protein and fat, so feeding cilantro regularly can harm your duck. If you continuously provide cilantro to your duck, it will become malnourished because of low protein. 

2: Risk of Diarrhea

As you know, everything is good when fed in moderation same goes for cilantro. If you provide it to your duck in high quantities, there are chances it will cause diarrhea to your duck, and Cilantro can also cause diarrhea if not cooked properly. 

How to Prepare Cilantro for Your Ducks?

Cut into Small Pieces

The first step of serving cilantro to ducks is to cut them into tiny pieces, so that pet ducks won’t find it hard to digest. 

Add Cilantro to the Water 

Pet owners can also serve their pet ducks with cilantro after adding them to water, and this is one of the easiest ways to serve pet ducks with cilantro. Through this, pet ducks can consume cilantro easily, and the water content gets full.


Cilantro is a herbal plant that consists of so many health benefits. So, the answer to can ducks eat cilantro is yes. Pet owners can serve their adorable pet ducks with cilantro, and they provide them with various healthy elements. However, serving pet ducks with a lot of cilantro as overfeeding will not help them in any way and will only harm them with many health issues.


Do ducks like cilantro?

Yes! Ducks like to consume cilantro, which is very nutritious for them.

Can ducklings eat cilantro?

Yes, Pet owners can serve their pet ducklings with cilantro as it is highly nutritious.

Are cilantro safe for ducks?

Yes, cilantro is highly nutritious for ducks to have. Consuming cilantro provides so many health benefits to ducks.

Can ducks eat cilantro seeds?

Yes! Ducks can also eat cilantro seeds, which are considered very healthy for pet ducks.

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