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do ducks eat worms

Eating a variety of food is something that every creature craves. The availability of food options around the world is increasing day by day. Getting the proper nutrition is something that everyone wishes to eat and feed. However, the different metabolic activities and the change in the diet maintain the food items specifically for them.

It will be difficult for feeders who keep ducks and chickens as pets. Financially, there are many reasons for keeping ducks and chickens as pets. Every pet owner wants to know the type of food suitable for ducks. Do ducks eat worms? Will worms be healthy for them or not? Such kinds of doubts are always roaming in the mind of the owners.

Apart from worms, birds can eat several other food items, like grasshoppers, bloodworms, and hornworms. The protein count should be sufficient to sustain the body’s nutritional value.

For offering instant energy to remain active for a long time, such foods are suitable and digest quickly without any side effects.

Can Ducks Eat Worms?

Yes, worms are fulfilling and healthy food items for ducks. Adding them to a duck’s diet is an excellent and incredible idea for maintaining the food’s nutritional value and other factors. The wiggling body that is soft to touch and taste is something that every omnivore animal will love, and it is a snack for them instead of a staple.

Ducks love to eat worms, but it is necessary to ensure that feeding worms are not a staple. Usually, ducks need to have 16% of the protein in their diet, which means adding a small number of worms to the diet is perfect. Ducks require other food items that improve their mental health with their benefits. Worms are affordable and easy to purchase.

How Often Can Ducks Eat Worms?

Ducks love to eat worms any other day as it is healthy for their health. The jiggly moving insects are highly nutritious for the ducks. A major health benefit of worms is their best for the body.

Feeders should give it to the ducks as a part of a meal and sometimes as a treat. However, it advises feeding worms in moderation because excess of any food item can have a negative impact.

Adding 6-7 worms a day in the meal is proven to be healthier. Although adding in a high amount will not be harmful just, it will cause health issues in the future.

What Type of Worms Can Ducks Eat?

Ducks can eat anything that is easily digestible. It is mostly preferred to feed worms as they are soft, gooey, easy to digest, and nutritious. Ducks can eat raw and dried worms. However, it is necessary to feed worms in moderation since there are many side effects too. It is crucial to remember that the number of worms must be within limits, as overfeeding can be dangerous for the ducks. Better is to avoid overfeeding. 

To make a meal more delicious, occasionally add other food items like peaches and worms. The feeder must purchase worms from a reputed brand to avoid parasitic attacks.

3 Benefits of Worm for Ducks

1: High Profile Nutrients

Worms are gooey textured soft insects that ducks love to eat. It contains many vital nutrients that are mandatory for ducks, and it has promising health benefits for humans as well. If the feeder adds a few grams of worms every day in the meal, the feeder gets a good percentage of calories, water, protein, and many such crucial nutrients. Worms are also a good energy source, so eating them warms and activates the body. 

It contains 16% protein, which is very helpful for ducks, and many such nutrients responsible for maintaining the nutritional count in the body. 

2: Prevents Niacin Deficiency 

Vitamin B3, or niacin, is a nutrient abundant in worms. Ducks require a steady source of nutrition daily to maintain their health and daily activities. It is a health-protecting element, lowering the risk of many diseases. By consuming sufficient amounts of worms, the chances of suffering from any diseases are lower if eaten in the right proportion. Ducks require niacin to sustain themselves.

3: Quality Egg Production

Worms are rich in protein that directly aids in producing healthy eggs. Ducks are also financially helpful since their egg is better than a chicken egg, and it enhances the production of eggs, so try to add worms to the meal of a duck.

2 Risks of Feeding Worms to Ducks

Proportion control is the only thing that matters for safety, and it can become dangerous for any individual if eaten more than necessary.

1: Gizzard Worm Infection

It is never a point to be considered whether a duck can tolerate worms. Excess of worms can have many negative impacts too. The reason for this issue is the presence of infectious elements, which can cause erosion, hemorrhaging, and catarrhal infection. Many ducks might be allergic to worms, and infectious elements can cause problems in the duck’s gizzard. So feed them accordingly.

2:Presence of Parasites

There are high chances of parasites present in the worms. It disturbs the absorption of minerals like zinc and iron due to a deficiency of such essential minerals in the body of an organism, and it can cause many diseases that can even lead to death.

How to Prepare Worms for Your Ducks?

Feeding worms is never a hectic task since ducks love to eat worms, and the wiggling body attracts them a lot. You can fulfill several steps for easy feeding:

Sprinkle Worms on the Ground

Forceful feeding is not a good idea since it destroys the meal directly. Try to spread the worms on the ground for the ducks. They will come by themselves and eat. Worms are suitable for ducks to eat, and it is generally healthy for them because it makes them familiar with the surroundings and comfortable.

Cut Into Small Chunks

Cut the worms into small bite-size portions for easy gulping as it can choke them. Ducks do not chew; they gulp everything. So cutting them into pieces helps them to consume easily.

Mixing With Birdseed

To make the meal more nutritious, mix worms with bird seeds, which have proven to improve the taste and diet of the food.

These are the steps that a feeder can follow while feeding.


Ducks are picky eaters and decide on food according to their curiosity and desire to eat. Most of the time, this becomes difficult for the duck feeder to understand which food is healthy and easy to eat for the ducks. A query about whether ducks can eat worms? has opened various doors of confusion by letting the feeder know that worms are healthy for the ducks to consume, making ducks healthy and fulfilled.

Worms are of many vital nutrients sufficient for a duck to grow without any intact diseases, and this makes them healthy without any second thoughts.


Do ducks like worms?

Yes, ducks love to eat worms as they like to eat everything easy to gulp.

Can ducklings eat worms?

Yes, ducklings can also eat worms. However, the feeder must know the worm’s nutrition count, which helps the feeder understand the eating pattern and requirements of a duckling.

Are worms safe for ducks?

Yes, worms are safe for ducks to eat. They are healthy in every possible way, making them suitable food items to be added to ducks’ diets. Worms are fulfilling for ducks.

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