Can Ducks Eat Oats? 5 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Ducks Eat Oats

Being a waterfowl, feeding ducks becomes a fun activity, but it is also a concern that they are getting correct and healthy food. With so many opinions of what’s good and bad, it’s not easy to decide. 

Oats and ducks go well with each other not just in terms of nutrients but also in the taste it offers to Ducks. So, can ducks eat Oats? Can ducks be fed with oats daily? Oats come into the category of grains. Easily digestible and full of minerals, vitamins, and soluble fiber, oats have become the best option with multiple health benefits. However, feeding it consistently could lead to health issues. Here is all you need to know about feeding oats to your ducks.

Can Ducks Eat Oats?

Yes, ducks can eat Oats, considering it one of the healthiest options. However, like every other food, there are certain precautions a feeder should take. From serving as a daily staple or a treat, Ducks can eat oats in a cooked or uncooked manner. However, the serving proportion and the way to feed are crucial. So, after it’s a yes for oats, can ducks eat oatmeal because they are processed?   

Can Ducks Eat Oatmeal?

Yes, ducks can eat oatmeal unless there isn’t excess sugar. As a feeder, the concern is genuine because excessively processed foods have long-term health issues. However, oatmeal, if prepared precautiously and fed moderately, is good.

How Often Can Ducks Eat Oats?

As per the general observation and research, Oats should be fed to ducks once or twice a week, though there are no specific intervals within which ducks can eat oats. You can feed them every day depending on their calorie intake, and if the required calorie amount is completed for the day, it’s good to avoid more. 

Besides the nutrient completion, Oats’ feeding consistency depends on how much your ducks like them. Sometimes, they stop eating Oats because of monotony. However, you must observe their behavior to increase or decrease the feeding intervals.

Types of Oats that Ducks Can Eat

There are no categories ducks prefer eating as they eat all types of Oats unless and until it imitates the food in the pond. Here we will be discussing a few of them :

Quick Cook Oats

Quick oats are processed and require less time to cook. They are thinner and are available in dinner pieces because of long steam hours. You can feed quick-cook oats to the ducks; however, providing raw form is recommended.

Steel Cut Oats

These are among the most unprocessed oats. Groats are chopped with larger blades to give a coarser and chewable texture.

Rolled Oats

These are a more processed form of steel-cut oats. The rolled oats are obtained by steaming, flattening, rolling thin, and then leaving the steel-cut oats to dry. Rolled oats take less cooking time and are safe to feed ducks.

Instant Oats

As compared to Quick cook Oats, they are smaller and dinner in texture.

Apart from the available varieties of Oats, ducks can eat Whole Oats, Scottish Oats, and Oat Bran. Although ducks can also eat bread, it leads to malnutrition and obesity. As per recent research, they are compared to junk food. However, oats have always been considered a good option having multiple benefits.

5 Benefits of Oats for Ducks

1: Vitamins Intake Maintains Nervous System Health

We usually focus on physical health, but the duck’s nervous system also plays a vital role. Ducks’ nervous system and brain functions get regularized with a good amount of Vitamin B1 and B5. 

2: Iron Increases the Red Blood Cells

Along with other nutrients, oats also have iron, increasing the formation of RBCs and hemoglobin in the ducks.

3: Fibre is Goos for a Healthy Digestive System

Foods containing fiber, like oats and rice, help the ducks to maintain a healthy digestive system and weight. So, there are fewer chances for ducks to gain weight and face problems in digestion.

4: Calcium Gives an Energetic Lifestyle

Calcium in oats provides them with a healthy energy level and active lifestyle. Calcium also aids in proper growth, development, and good bone health.

5: Fulfillment of Immunity requirement 

Intake of magnesium and phosphorus improves the immune system and supports bone and muscle health.

3 Risks of feeding Oats to Ducks

1: Excessive Fibre May Lead to Diarrhea

Oats are one the nutrient-dense food. Being a great source of fiber, One cup of Oats is enough as it contains 8 grams of fiber. Giving an excess amount, and that too regularly, could lead to serious digestive problems.

2: High-Calorie Content can Make Ducks Obese

High-Calorie intake leads to unhealthy weight. Oats are high in calories and Carbohydrates, and feeding them in excess could make them Obese.

3: Bone diseases because of Phosphorus excessive intake 

Excessive intake of phosphorus can bring disruption in the absorption of Calcium and can lead to bone disease.

How to Prepare Oats for Your Ducks?

Preparation is the foremost step in any process. Similarly, this is a crucial step when we plan to feed Oats to Ducks.

Small Sized Pieces 

Varieties of oats are available in the market. Hence, one should be careful before purchasing. Though there is no specific type of oats that ducks prefer. However, one should feed them smaller-sized Oats because they are easily digestible.

Avoid Exceptionally Processed or Prepared

In the prospect of giving ducks the best and most nutritious food, we add multiple layering of other food items. That might look good, but giving a heavier quantity can increase the sugar and impact health.

Do Not Serve Hot

When serving cooked oats, you should not serve them hot to the ducks as it might cause burns, making ducks devoid of eating it. 


Food having sufficient amounts of protein and energy, Amino acids and antioxidants, Calcium, and phosphorus. There is no one specific food that could fulfill all the required nutrients. Hence, ducks enjoy a diverse diet.

Along with other plant-based and animal-based products, a mixture of various grains is a good choice. Then comes the answer to one of the most asked questions, can ducks eat Oats? Yes, ducks can eat Oats, and Oats being a complete staple, have enormous nutritional benefits.

Oats are one of the favorite grains of ducks, and giving a decent amount of it is always recommended to an owner. 


Do ducks like oats?

Yes, ducks like eating one of their favorite grain, Oats.

Can ducklings eat oats?

Yes, ducklings can eat oats, and they love eating them; however, under careful observation.

Are oats safe for ducks?

Yes, oats are one of the safest food for ducks if not given in excess amounts.

Can ducks eat raw oats?

Yes, ducks can eat raw oats and prefer raw over processed or prepared oats.

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