Can Ducks Eat Mushrooms? 9 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Ducks Eat Mushrooms

Mushrooms are among the most delicious dishes for humans. Mushrooms contain several vitamins and nutrients such as protein, niacin, calcium, potassium, iron, pyridoxine, etc. It is not only a tasty dish but also nutritious and beneficial for health. 

Now, if you are an owner of ducks, you may think about feeding that tasty dish to your pet. But is it safe? Can ducks eat mushrooms? Before serving food to your little pet, do consider if it’s safe or not. Here you will get the answer to whether ducks should eat mushrooms.

Can Ducks Eat Mushrooms?

Yes, ducks can eat mushrooms if they find them tasty. But never feed wild mushrooms to your pet as it is poisonous and can cause severe consequences. The edible mushrooms, which you also consume, are suitable for your pet. To feed mushrooms to your feathery pet, purchase them from a reputed shop, not your house garden!

Additionally, some ducks do not prefer the taste of mushrooms. In these cases, you should avoid feeding the fungus to your pet. 

How Often Can Ducks Eat Mushrooms?

You can feed mushrooms to your pet once or twice a week, and for a matured duck, feeding mushrooms two times a week is fine. 

Mushrooms are very beneficial for humans and animals, but the food is not a staple dish for ducks, and ducks need all types of vitamins and minerals per their body’s requirements. But remember, you should provide mushrooms to ducklings only after they turn four weeks old. Ducklings’ main food should be their dietary pellets for the first four weeks.  

Coming to the amount of feeding, you must maintain their main food. You can add 10% mushrooms to their total diet at a time.

What Type of Mushrooms Ducks Can Eat?

Mushrooms are beneficial for ducks, but not all types of mushrooms are safe for them. Wild mushrooms are very dangerous for ducks. You can also provide those mushrooms to your ducks that are edible for you. Humans can tackle a few poisons, but ducks cannot tolerate any poison as they have fragile health. You can serve your certain pet types of mushrooms which are safe. 

  • Cantarella Mushrooms
  • Morel Mushrooms
  • White Button Mushrooms
  • Crimini Mushrooms
  • Oyster Mushrooms
  • Portobello Mushrooms
  • Porcini Mushrooms
  • Reishi Mushrooms
  • Black Trumpet Mushrooms

9 Benefits of Mushrooms for Ducks

Mushrooms contain some beneficial compounds that aid in the regular growth of your ducks. Moderate feeding can help with several health benefits to your ducks. 

1: Thiamine (B1) Promotes Brain & Heart Health 

Thiamine is a crucial element in promoting heart and brain health. Also, it aids in stomach health. A moderate consumption of mushrooms serves an adequate amount of thiamine to your duck. Their brain, heart, and stomach work smoothly after getting thiamine. 

2: Niacin (B3) Takes Care of Legs & Joint 

Your ducks need good care of their legs and joints. Mushrooms deliver the appropriate supply of niacin, which helps take care of legs and joints. The deficiency of niacin causes joint pain and fragile bones.

3: Folate (B9) Helps in Generating DNA & RNA 

Folate helps in creating genetic elements like DNA and RNA. Further, it is involved in protein metabolism and other bodily functions. Notably, the deficiency of folate leads ducks to macrocytic anemia. 

4: Pyridoxine Develops Health Nervous System 

Mushrooms consist of a good amount of pyridoxine. The component helps develop a healthy nervous system and also plays a role in maintaining the red blood cells of your ducks. 

5: Vitamin C Strengthen Immune System

Vitamin C is one of the greatest antioxidants in humans and animals. Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system of your ducks, and they will not get infected if they possess a good immune system. Cabbage is also safe for ducks and rich in vitamin C. 

6: Calcium Promotes Bones & Muscles 

Mushrooms have a small amount of calcium. But the compound promotes ducks’ muscle and bone health. Healthy bones and muscles are crucial to roam around and leading a joyful life. You can feed your duck kale and lettuce as a calcium source.

7: Fiber Provides A Healthy Digestion

Fiber plays an important role in getting healthy digestion. Your pet often gets constipated due to digestion issues. But, the fiber in mushrooms helps solve the problems and provides good digestion. 

8: Magnesium Works in Nerve & Muscle Function 

Magnesium promotes the nervous and muscle function of your pet. As mushrooms contain a good amount of magnesium, it works for nervous and muscle wellness. A strong muscle and nervous system aid your pet in leading a playful life.

9: Protein Produces Enzymes & Hormones 

Mushrooms also have a small quantity of protein. Protein aid in regular growth and produces good enzymes in ducks’ bodies. Protein is also involved in the Secretion of hormones.

2 Risks of Feeding Mushrooms to Ducks

1: Wild Mushrooms Harm Severely 

Whenever you plan to feed mushrooms to your duck, make sure to purchase edible mushrooms from a reputed shop. Never provide wild mushrooms to your pet; poisonous mushrooms harm your pet severely and can even lead to death. 

2: The Rubbery Texture Causes Choking Issue

When feeding your pet mushrooms, make sure the pieces are small. Raw mushrooms are safe. But, to avoid risk, you can boil the food to reduce its rubbery texture. Otherwise, your pet might get into choking trouble.

How To Prepare mushrooms For Your ducks? 

Purchase Fresh Edible Mushrooms 

As mentioned earlier, you should never provide wild mushrooms to your pet. Purchase the fungus food from the market, and they should be fresh. The mushroom is edible for you and will be edible for your ducks. 

Wash Them Thoroughly 

After purchasing the mushrooms, wash them well with clean water. As there might be pesticides or other dirt in the mushrooms, you should wash them carefully. 

Cut into Small Pieces 

Ducks do not have teeth, and they swallow their food. So, be cautious during feeding. It would be best to cut the mushrooms into small pieces, so they do not face choking hazards.

Boiling is the Best Option

As mushrooms have a rubbery texture, you should care about your pets while eating the food. They might face issues while swallowing the food, which gets softened if you boil mushrooms, and your pet will enjoy its meal. 


Mushrooms are safe and nutritious food for ducks. But wild mushrooms are equally dangerous and lead to severe consequences. The answer to the question, can ducks eat mushrooms? is yes if you maintain safety. To keep more safety, you can consult any animal expert and then serve the food to your little pet. Before providing any new dish to your pet, you must consider its safety. 


Do ducks like mushrooms?

Most ducks like mushrooms taste, but it is not universal that every duck prefers mushrooms.

Can ducklings eat mushrooms?

You should not provide mushrooms to ducklings until they become four weeks old.

Are mushrooms safe for ducks?

The edible mushrooms for humans are safe for ducks as well.

Are wild mushrooms safe for ducks To eat?

No, Never serve wild mushrooms to ducks as it harms severely and leads even to death.

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