Can Parakeets Eat Cherries? 3 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Parakeets Eat Cherries

Cherries are a burst of flavors in small sizes. Cherries are sweet and sour, which makes the meal tempting. The colors they have makes everything bloomy. They are sometimes sweet and sometimes sour. It is nutritious for humans, making them drool over them and tempting to offer them to bearded dragons. But the main thing to understand is that the things which suit us are also beneficial for parakeets. The metabolism and digestion capacity varies with every individual.

It can not cause any casualties for humans but can also negatively impact a bird. The bird owner might be wondering about the cherries and their health benefits.

The feeders must know what is healthy for parakeets and what is not. There are many questions, like whether cherries are good for them. Can parakeets eat cherries? Will cherries be a safe option for the bird owner to add to their meal?

It is well-known that parakeets are omnivores who need meat and veggies with some fruits as a balanced diet. Let’s find out what are their benefits and risks.

Can Parakeets Eat Cherries?

Yes, they parakeets love to eat cherries, as they are sweet and tempting. Also, the nutritional count is suitable for parakeets. Parakeets are picky eaters who poke their beaks before gulping any food item.

Cherries are known to contain various minerals like potassium and phosphorus. Cherries have a low count of nutritional elements but an abundance of sugars. Parakeets need food that provides energy to help them maintain their daily activities and not hinder their growth.

Birds require adequate nutrients to sustain their growth and proper body functioning. However, cherries can be good to eat as they are rich in phosphorus, a must for their nervous system. 

Not only cherries but many other fruits like strawberries, grapes, and watermelons if offered as a treat. Otherwise, it can hamper the growth of parakeets due to the high- concentration of sugar in it. 

How Often Can Parakeets Eat Cherries?

Moderation is good, one or two cherries do not do any harm. Offering fruits is ideal for any feeder, and it maintains a bird’s health and allows them to grow normally as per the requirement. Normally, humans can eat cherries in any amount, but for a bird, a feeder must monitor the number of cherries. 

No pet owner wants to see their pet suffering from painful diseases. Due to the low count of other vital nutrients, the body will be deficient in calcium, which can cause several diseases like Metabolic bone disease. So, it is advised for the bird owner to understand the count of cherries in their diet.

2 Benefits Of Cherries for Parakeets 

Cherries are safe for parakeets. They can eat cherries without fail, but the owners must control the number of cherries in the parakeet diet to ensure the limited eating of cherries. Here are the positive aspects earned from parakeets when they eat cherries:

1: Phosphorus Nourishes the Nervous System

Cherries are a bit sour and sweet in flavor. Anyone who has tasted cherries knows the exact taste of them. The presence of phosphorus in the fruit builds the strength of the liver in the long run. Phosphorus also boosts the nervous system of animals and humans, making them fit for a long time.

2: Minerals Build Strong Body

Cherries contain a good range of vital nutrients required for the perfect health of parakeets. Also, vitamin C in fruits like oranges, kiwis, and berries prevents the body from various skin diseases. It also improves digestion as cherries contain some portion of the fiber in their composition. Overeating anything leads to health failures but consult the doctor before feeding any new food to the pet.

2 Risks of Feeding Cherries to Parakeets

Anyone who has ever tasted cherries is well-known for the sour taste of cherries, and it is due to the presence of fruit acid and sugar in them. The biggest reason for a common disease in birds is the high composition of acid and sugar in the cherries; they react and cause diarrhea. Birds’ metabolism is relatively weaker than humans and other animals.

1: Cherry Pits Choke

Cherry contains pits that are harder in texture. Due to this, it can cause cuts in the food tract from which a bird might die. Cherry pits are potentially harmful and can cause mishappenings.

Even cherry pits have some cyanide in their composition, which can eventually kill the animal if eaten in high quantities.

2: Carbohydrates Fail Multiple Organs 

Cherries are rich in sugar, which eventually increases the carbohydrate count in the body. However, carbohydrates provide energy to the body. 

The presence of carbohydrates in fruits can cause multiple organ failures, destroy the kidney and digestive tracts, and affect the bird’s reproductive system. Experimenting is never a good idea for pet owners, and it can eventually give negative results if done. However, consult the vet first if someone is confused about which food to offer.

How to Prepare Cherries for Your Parakeet?

Feeding with tricks and tactics improves food habits and gives positive results too. Every animal’s eating habit is unique, and a feeder must keep some practices or tricks while feeding their pets.

Buy Organic Food Items 

Purchase organic cherries. Organic food products are natural and have better taste than artificial ones. Feeders can also purchase organic food products such as fruits and veggies to reduce the parasitic attack on the birds. Fresh fruits are highly nutritious and safe for feeding without worrying about consequences.

Remove Harmful Chemicals by Washing

Technological advancements make producing fruits and veggies difficult in huge quantities. Harmful chemicals are sprayed on food items to enhance production and fulfill the food requirements. To reduce any dangerous causes, wash them properly.

Pitted for Safety

Cherries contain pits in their flesh that contain cyanide. It has the potential to kill anyone if eaten in high quantities, and it is very detrimental to any organism to eat. So the owners should remove cherry pits before feeding the birds. Also, cherry pits can even choke the bird due to their hard texture. They are toxic and can instantly kill the birds. 


Parakeets love to explore their surroundings along with the food they eat. They are not picky eaters; however, they love to eat exotic fruits, veggies, and even worms. Adding a small amount of each food item can sum up a healthy meal for a parakeet. Now we have an answer to the query: can parakeets eat cherries? Yes, parakeets love to eat cherries. A one- or two-piece as a snack is sufficient for a parakeet to enjoy its meal and maintains its body’s nutritional count. It makes cherries a perfect food item in the parakeet’s meal.


Do parakeets like cherries?

Parakeets can eat fruits, veggies, and worms.
Adding cherries to their diet is a decent idea, making them enjoy the deliciously rich, sour, and sweet flavors together.

Can baby parakeets eat cherries?

Yes, baby parakeets can also eat cherries but in moderation. Adding a small amount and other food items helps them get the proper nutrition from their meal, and only feeding them fruits is insufficient.

Are blackberries safe for parakeets?

Absolutely yes, blackberries are safe and delicious for parakeets to eat. They add vital nutrients to the parakeet’s diet, making it a perfect snack partner and good for a budgie’s health.

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