Can Parakeets Eat Cheese? 3 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Parakeets Eat Cheese

Cheese is a happy word for everyone when getting clicked. Cheese is a food item that makes every food delicious and gooey to eat, and it acts as an enhancer in the food to complete the meals in one go. Gulping cheese is easy, yet the sour taste is quite clingy.

A most common doubt that arises in the mind of a parakeet owner is what type of food is suitable for the bird to eat. Adding a fruit, veggie, or dairy product together is good. 

So, when it comes to can parakeets eat cheese or not, there are many other things to know. Adding cheese is safe but in moderation. Usually, feeding dairy products is unhealthy for the birds because of their nutritional value, and it can cause many health problems if given in high amounts. Let’s find out about the nutritional count of cheese and its benefits for a budgie.

Can Parakeets Eat Cheese?

Yes, Parakeets can eat cheese, but it is not always a healthy option. For a parakeet, its excess can cause many health problems.

Cheese is a dairy product made after passing milk through various stages. The nutritional value of cheese is very low for a budgie, and if added with other food items, it can potentially hurt a bird’s metabolism.

Parakeets love to eat cheese as it is easier for them to poke their beaks easily. If the pet owner is confused about what to feed such little birds, it is better to ask a vet before feeding them anything they want. 

The main reason cheese can not become a staple for these birds is its high-calorie composition, which can destroy the inner body of a budgie. The presence of excess salt is not a healthy option for these little buddies.

How Often Can Parakeets Eat Cheese?

Adding cheese to a diet of parakeets is not an issue, and feeding some grams of cheese is safe. However, the feeders must try to add cheese in limitations because cheese is not healthy for your budgie.

If the parakeet loves to eat cheese, then consider feeding them daily. Otherwise, do not add it to the diet of a parakeet.

Types of Cheese Your Parakeet Can Eat

Parakeets are omnivore animals meaning they can eat fruits, veggies, and meat. However, nowadays, many parakeet owners follow a common practice: feeding them every possible thing. Cheese is a dairy product with many health benefits for humans; however, talking about parakeets is minimal for them.

There are wide varieties of cheese available in the market. If someone wants to feed parakeet cheese, they should give them low-fat cheese. Several varieties of cheese are as follows:

  • Cottage cheese: Best for parakeets as it is lactose-free.
  • Mozzarella cheese: Another best cheeses available in the market, it has very minimal lactose making it suitable for the bird to eat.
  • Cheddar cheese: It has a mild flavor and is good for parakeets.
  • Parmesan cheese: It is also a good option to consider as it has a low count of lactose, making it ideal for parakeets to eat.

Selecting a cheese is important. Looking for the best cheese suitable for parakeets is essential for their health and body requirements.

3 Benefits of Cheese for Parakeets

Though cheese is considered unsafe for the bird, it has some benefits for the budgie. Several benefits are:

1: Calcium for Strong Bones

Since cheese is a dairy product, the calcium count is also high. Calcium is a crucial nutrient for the health of any living organism, and it promotes strong bones and is also an essential part of connective tissues, muscles, and blood vessels.

2: Riboflavin Supports Energy Production

Cheese also contains riboflavin. It maintains the formation of red blood cells and promotes growth and reproduction.

3: Vitamin K Prevents Blood Clotting

Cheese contains vitamin K. It helps prevent blood clotting in the vessels, making them smoother and flowy. The main role is to support blood clotting. The deficiency of this vitamin in a bird’s diet can lead the bird to bleed profusely from a minor cut.

3 Risks of Feeding Cheese to Parakeets

Cheese is not healthy enough for a bird to add as a staple for them. Adding cheese to a parakeet’s diet is fine until the amount exceeds. Some risks are as follows:

1: Birds Are Lactose Intolerant

Cheese is a dairy product, and it contains lactose as well. Bird’s metabolism is not strong enough to digest lactose, and it can cause stomach aches, indigestion, and flatulence that can even cause death.

2: High Salt Cause Diarrhea 

Cheese contains a high salt amount that dehydrates the bird’s metabolism, and it causes many negative impacts on the bird’s health. A feeder must understand the nutritional value of food before feeding the bird.

3: Cheese Can Make Bird Obese

Though birds are lactose intolerant, adding a small amount of cheese is not lethal until the bird gives negative signs. Adding a lot of cheese can make the bird obese, slowing its metabolism and making it inactive and lazy.

How to Prepare Cheese for Your Parakeet?

Adding Fruits With a Cheese Piece

To make the meal for the bird more satisfying to eat—add a piece of cheese with some fruits like cherries, mango slices, and bananas as it balances the nutritional count for the parakeets. 

Avoid feeding cheese available easily in the market, as they contain very harmful elements such as salt, chemicals, and preservatives

Homemade Cheese to Avoid Bacterial Contact

The best way to feed cheese is by giving the bird homemade cheese, as homemade things are pure and almost free from bacteria. Try to add homemade cheese into the diet of parakeets to avoid any bacterial contact.


Parakeets are clever birds most likely to explore and enjoy their surroundings. The best part for a parakeet owner to cherish is watching them poking their beaks into whatever offers them. 

Getting to know about the parakeets’ relation with cheese, the answer to can parakeets eat cheese or not is yes, but in moderation. The gooey texture of the cheese is good for them; however, it is well-known that cheese is not toxic to parakeets. 

The feeder should maintain the amount of feeding cheese to parakeets. Feeding dairy products is not a decent idea for a parakeet owner since dairy products are not healthy for the birds.


Do parakeets like cheese?

Parakeets love to poke their beaks into everything. The gooey soft texture of the cheese is enough for them to like it more. Since poking the beaks and getting the taste is simple.

Can baby parakeets eat cheese?

No, baby parakeets should not be allowed to consume cheese, which is unhealthy for them. Adding some grams of cheese is sufficient as it is difficult for the little budgie to gulp them.

Is cheese safe for parakeets?

Cheese is neither healthy nor dangerous and should be considered a snack rather than a staple. It helps the little budgies to get a unique taste, nothing else.

Can parakeets eat raw cheese?

Yes, parakeets can eat raw cheese. However, the feeder must control the limit of cheese they are feeding their budgie. Adding a small amount is sufficient and gives positive results.

Can parakeets eat cheese puffs?

Cheese puffs are good for parakeets, but they don’t have any nutritional value. Adding them as a snack is perfect rather than feeding them as a staple. They have a crunchy texture which is enjoyed by parakeets a lot.

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