Can Parakeets Eat Onions | 3 Risks | Full Guide

Can parakeets eat onions

Onions are the most used vegetable in every household. There is barely any dish in which you can not add onions. Onions are the universal mixers; they go with everything and add taste to everything. 

Parakeets are small-sized parrots who are happy and always in the mood for joy. Keeping a parakeet as a pet is a good idea. But when it comes to parakeets and onions together, is it a good choice? Can parakeets eat onions?

Parakeets love to eat vegetables, so feeding them vegetables is the best decision parakeets will love to eat vegetables. But when it comes to onions, it’s not a good choice. 

Can Parakeets Eat Onions?

Onions are potentially toxic for parakeets. Even a minimal amount of onion can kill a parakeet. Parakeets love to explore whatever is offered to them, especially vegetables. Onions are toxic for parakeets, like chocolates are for dogs. Parakeets love to poke their beaks into vegetables and other soft fruits like mangoes, papaya but poking into onions can be fatal for parakeets. It will cause many health issues for parakeets. Pet owners must be aware of what they leave on their counters. 

Why Can’t Budgies Eat Onions?

Budgies can not eat onions because onions contain a sulfur-based compound that converts into disulfide when chewed. Sulfur is potentially toxic for parakeets. A small amount of it can cause the parakeet to suffer from various diseases like vomiting, diarrhea, and even loss of appetite. Budgies love to eat vegetables such as cucumber and spinach. However, feeding them onions is not good as it can kill them. 

Hemolysis can make the parakeet die after eating onion. Hemolysis is the destruction of red blood cells, which can cause circulatory failures in birds. The reason behind this disease is that onions contain sulfur-based compounds which react with the bird’s digestive system. It disrupts the bird’s digestive system, making it fall ill. 

Onions are not a healthy food for bearded dragons since they can even weaken your bird internally. 

3 Risks Of Feeding Onions to Parakeets 

Parakeets are domestic parrots that are small in size. Parakeets should eat food according to their metabolism. There are many risks for parakeets if they eat onions out of curiosity. These are:

Hemolytic Anemia

Onions contain sulfides which get converted into disulfides once eaten, and it can cause Heinz Body Anemia, a kind of hemolytic anemia in parakeets. Once the disulfides are consumed, their role is to rupture the red blood cells and destroy the flow of blood in the body.

Acidity Causes Ulcers

Onions are high in sulfur which causes many ulcers in the parakeet’s body. It is good to keep the onions out of reach of parakeets. Ulcers are painful, and these small birds can not handle such pain. Due to this, parakeets might die.

Digestive Issues

Onions can lead to gastrointestinal issues as well. The onions’ acidity can lead to indigestion in parakeets and vomiting. So, if your pet bird starts facing breathing problems after onion consumption, visit your nearest vet.

How Can You Prevent Your Budgie From Eating Onions?

To prevent parakeets from onions:

  • Remove all possible contact of parakeets with onions.
  • Remove all the leftovers and the onions from the basket. 
  • Make sure the parakeets live; no onion residue should be nearby
  • Read labels of processed food before serving them to parakeets; many of them contain onion powder.
  • Fence your garden if you grow onions

What Should You Do If Your Budgie Has Eaten Onions?

If in case the parakeet has eaten onions, rush to the nearby vet and get it checked before any mishappening. The danger of eating onion is relative to the size of the bird. So, avoiding all sorts of waiting. Just run to the nearby vet. 

Consulting the vet right after encountering the parakeet is the only decision to make for protecting the bird from danger. Also, keep an anti-toxic medicine, especially for the birds in the house, in case of an emergency.

Onions are toxic for budgies in any form. So, it is good to keep onions away from the reach of parakeets. Also, check the surroundings of parakeets to ensure that no piece of onion is found nearby them.


Now, we have an answer to the query, can parakeets eat onions? So, parakeets can not even taste a drop of onion because they are potentially toxic to these birds. Onions contain sulfur-based compounds that disrupt the internal organ by breaking the red blood cells. So, always avoid contact with parakeets with the onions for safety. Otherwise, the owner will lose their happy budgies forever.


Can onions be fatal for parrots?

Yes, onions have the potential to kill parrots with their single drop, and they are harmful to parakeets. So, always try to avoid them.

Why can’t budgies eat onions?

Budgies can’t eat onions as onions contain a sulfur-based compound that gets converted into disulfide when eaten. It disrupts the red blood cells and also causes a high amount of acidity.

Can budgies eat onion plants?

No, budgies can not eat anything that has sulfur in it. Onion plants also contain some amount of sulfur which is potentially harmful to budgies to eat.

Can budgies eat raw onions?

No, budgies can not eat onions, whether raw or cooked. The presence of sulfur compound makes it unsuitable for budgies to eat onions.

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