Can Parakeets Eat Spinach? 6 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Parakeets Eat Spinach

Green leafy vegetables are always healthy for humans and certain animals. Veggies have a large number of vitamins and minerals. 

Spinach contains vitamins A, K, and E, calcium, potassium, manganese, etc. When we look for a healthy green dish, spinach comes at the top. Spinach, lettuce, celery, etc., are also good choices for a healthy diet. But is spinach safe for budgies? Can parakeets eat spinach? 

As a budgie’s diet mainly contains several seeds and nuts, they don’t get adequate vitamins from fruits and veggies. So, being a pet parent, providing them with new tastes is your responsibility.   

Can Parakeets Eat Spinach? 

Yes, parakeets can eat spinach without any hesitation. The green leafy veggie is perfectly safe for your little feathered friend. You can moderately feed the veggie. As the veggie has a good amount of vitamins and minerals, you can feed it as the source of their required vitamins. 

How Often Can Parakeets Eat Spinach?

Spinach is safe for your budgie, but it does not mean you can feed the veggie as their staple food. You can feed spinach to your budgie as a treat, and you should feed it in moderation.  

You can provide spinach to your pet once or twice a week in small quantities, and it is fine to feed one tablespoon of that leafy veggie at a time. Do consider your budgie’s everyday diet quantity. Later, you can feed your budgie 10% spinach of the total quantity.  

Notably, a budgie’s diet should contain 10%-15% fruits and veggies. They also need the required vitamins and minerals to lead a healthy life. 

6 Benefits of Spinach for Parakeets

All green veggies have nutritional value, and most greens provide overwhelming results after consuming them. Spinach is not an exception, and spinach also has good nutritional values that can help your budgie to get a healthier and longer life. 

1: Vitamin K Maintains Bone & Works in Blood Clotting 

Vitamin K is a mandatory element in all green veggies, and the vitamin is very beneficial and necessary for your pet and helps promote stronger bones and teeth. Your budgie will not face any bone weakness-related issues if they consume adequate vitamin K. 

Further, vitamin K works in blood clotting too. If budgies get cut or injured, vitamin K helps to clot the blood to stop the flow. Otherwise, the wound could be more severe. 

2: Vitamin A Promotes Eyesight & Hearing 

Spinach contains a good amount of vitamin A, another essential compound your budgie needs from outside. Vitamin A helps in promoting eyesight by preventing its deficiency. Also, vitamin A plays a crucial role in enhancing eyesight. 

Additionally, vitamin A prevents plumage damage and improves its radiance. The immune system and respiratory systems also benefit from that vitamin. 

3: Vitamin Assists in Growth & Reproduction 

Vitamin C is also present in spinach. The vitamin assists in budgies’ overall growth and promotes their reproduction. Alongside this, the vitamin plays a vital role in maintaining epithelial cells

4: Vitamin E Works on Metabolites & Egg Production 

Vitamin E in spinach helps decontaminate metabolites and improves egg production of budgies. Also, the vitamin promotes muscle to function well. Additionally, the compound protects the cell membrane

5: Calcium Aids Skeletal Structure & Egg Laying Capability 

Spinach contains a good amount of calcium, like broccoli, cabbage, etc. Calcium promotes skeletal structures and enhances the bones’ strength. Moreover, calcium is essential for breeding budgies as it improves egg-laying capability and hatchability. You will get healthy little budgies if your matured budgie gets the proper calcium. 

6: High Water Content Hydrates Your Bird 

100 gram of spinach has 92% of water in it. Although, the water level is high in it. But if you can feed the veggie to your pet in a maintained way, it will help in hydration. Especially in the summer, budgies need hydration like humans, and spinach can fulfill that requirement. 

3 Risks of Feeding Spinach to Parakeets

Spinach is not a staple food for birds. If you feed it moderately, your budgie will get benefits. But, if the consumption exceeds the limit, it could lead to remarkable health issues. 

1: Oxalate is a Toxic Compound for Budgies 

Spinach contains a compound named oxalate. It becomes toxic when your pet consumes the compound excessively, and after consuming the oxalate, it converts into oxalic acid. Often, oxalic acid is used for cleaning purposes. 

The acid binds with other minerals in the budgie’s body and prevents their absorption, leading to several minerals deficiency. So, an occasional feeding of spinach to your pet will not harm you. 

2: Excessive Water Content Leads to Diarrhea 

As spinach has a large amount of water content, it could lead your budgie to diarrhea if you feed too much. Later, diarrhea reduces the water level of the budgie’s body and causes dehydration

3: Deficiency of Other Vitamins 

If budgies eat a large quantity of spinach, they cannot consume other nutritional foods, which can cause other vitamins and minerals unavailable in spinach. 

How to Prepare Spinach for Your Parakeets?

Purchase Organic Spinach

To feed the green veggie to your feathery friend, first, you need to purchase fresh and organic spinach from the market. Otherwise, chemical production harms your budgie severely. 

Wash Them Well

After getting fresh veggies, wash them well. Wash all the leaves thoroughly so that any dirt will not remain. You can dip the veggies in water to clean them properly. 

Cut Into Tiny Pieces

After cleaning the veggies well, you can cut them into small pieces and serve them to your budgie. Raw spinach is perfectly safe for birds. But do not cut the pieces in large sizes, which could cause choking

Cooked Spinach is Fine

If you want to feed cooked spinach to your pet, you can do it. Cooking spinach is also fine for your bird. But make sure not to add any spices to it. Also, you can feed the veggie mix with other staple meals. 


The answer to the question, can parakeets eat spinach? is yes, until you feed it too much to your budgie. Moderate eating is absolutely fine for your little pet. But excessive consumption could lead your bird to severe issues due to its toxic compounds. 

Further, your budgie’s main food should always be pellets and seed-based. They required other vitamins as the pellets do not have all the minerals. To combat the deficiency, budgies can have some treats weekly or monthly. Along with the taste’s variety, they will get their required nutrition. 


Do parakeets like spinach?

Yes, most parakeets find spinach tasty.

Can baby parakeets eat spinach?

Yes, baby parakeets can eat spinach in a very low quantity.

Is spinach safe for parakeets?

Yes, spinach is safe for budgies until they overeat veggies.

How much spinach should parakeets eat?

Parakeets should eat one tablespoon of spinach weekly or every other week.

Can parakeets eat raw spinach?

Yes, raw spinach is the safest and most nutritious way to feed.

Can parakeets eat cooked spinach?

Yes, cooked spinach is safe for budgies. But do not add any spices to it.

Is baby spinach good for budgies?

Yes, baby spinach is also nutritious for budgies.

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