Can Parakeets Eat Blackberries? 6 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Parakeets Eat Blackberries

Parakeets, also known as the little feathered budgies, love to eat fruits like apples, cherries, grapes, bananas, etc. These birds are predominantly herbivores, and their diet mainly contains seeds. 

As a parakeet owner, watching a little feathery friend enjoy its treat is always fun. Parakeets owner search for the best and most healthy treat for their friend. It is always essential to feed them only food that is suitable for them. Parakeets can eat many fruits so you may be wondering, can parakeets eat blackberries?

Can Parakeets Eat Blackberries?

Yes, Parakeets can safely eat blackberries. Fresh blackberries provide essential nutrients for a parakeet’s body. Blackberries help your feathered friend to be healthier, stronger, and happier. You can gladly feed blackberries to your parakeets, and it contains antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, etc.

How Often Can Parakeets Eat blackberries?

Feeding two or three times per week is enough for your parakeets, and feeding in the right way helps the parakeet get all the required nutrients and benefits.

Blackberries are healthy for parakeets but also harmful in many ways. As a parakeet owner, you should always be aware of the risks of every food you feed your bird. Blackberries contain a high amount of sugar which can lead to obesity and weight gain. 

Therefore, you should always provide it in moderation, and giving it a small amount is necessary.

6 Benefits of Blackberries for Parakeets 

Blackberries help a parakeet feel full for a long time. It contains a low glycemic index of 25, which provides a steady stream of energy to your parakeets. Apart from blackberries, plums are also a good source of nutrients and vitamins. Below are a few benefits of blackberries for parakeets.

1: Protects from Free Radicals 

According to research, blackberries contain phenolic compounds, such as ellagic acid, tannins, ellagitannins, quercetin, gallic acid, and anthocyanins. These antioxidants protect parakeets from the effects of free radicals and them from severe illnesses like cancer. Additionally, antioxidants strengthen the immune system. If you feed blackberries in moderation, it helps a parakeet to live a long and healthy life.

2: Boosts the Digestive System

Blackberries contain high levels of fiber essential for digestion and a healthy gut. Thus it boosts the digestive system, keeps the parakeets full, and eases constipation. Fiber bulks the poop and makes stools more comfortable to pass.

3: Preventing Unhealthy Cells from Forming

A cup of raw blackberries contains around 31.5 mg of Vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and Regulates cholesterol. Additionally, it prevents unhealthy cells from forming. Apart from that, vitamin C regulates blood sugar and heals wounds.

4: Functioning of Secretory Glands

Blackberries contain vitamin A, which is essential for the bone growth of a parakeet. Vitamin A also helps in the normal functioning of secretory glands and keeps the reproductive organs healthy.

5: Prevent Stomach Ulcers

Blackberries contain flavonoids called anthocyanins, which have anti-inflammatory properties. They help in preventing stomach ulcers and arthritis in parakeets. They also protect birds from heart disease and help reduce the immune system’s weakness.

6: Brain Function

Blackberries contain polyphenols, and they help in protecting the brain. When polyphenols combine with antioxidants, they balance the hormones responsible for brain disease. It enables the parakeets to become more alert and think more efficiently.

2 Risks of Feeding Blackberries to Parakeets 

Blackberries are safe for parakeets, are highly nutritious, and have a fantastic flavor for your parakeet. However, there are some risk factors of blackberries for parakeets.

1: Risk of Malnutrition

Feeding too much sweet fruit is not suitable for parakeets. Fruits like blackberries are usually high in sugar. Consuming too much sugar can harm parakeets in different ways. It can cause obesity and weight gain. Additionally, it causes malnutrition and stomach problems. 

2: Risk of Vitamin Deficiencies

Your parakeet can get addicted to the sweet taste of blackberries. Then it wants only to eat blackberries and refuses to eat other foods, such as pellets, leafy greens, nuts, and seeds. If your parakeet refuses other healthy food, it will experience Hpovitaminosis (vitamin A deficiency). Therefore, you should feed blackberries in moderation. 

How to Prepare Blackberries for Your Parakeets?

There is always a different way of preparing other food for parakeets. If we talk about blackberries, here’s how you can give blackberries to parakeets:

1: Soak in Water

Before feeding blackberries to your parakeet, always soak them in water. Lukewarm water is the best option. Soak the blackberries in water for 20 minutes. It will help to remove any bugs and dirt particles.

2: Let Them Dry

After soaking them in lukewarm water, use an absorbent cloth to dry them. Take them out and put on the cloth. After that, slowly pat the blackberries to dry them. You can also let them dry on a sieve. 

3: Place Them on a Shallow Dish

After they are dry, just put the blackberries in a shallow dish inside the cage for your parakeet to eat. If you have a tiny parakeet, you can place blackberries on skewers and allow them to pick the blackberries. 

4: Clean the Cage

After feeding the blackberries to your parakeets, clean the cage. Parakeets are messy birds, so you can see red-purple stains around the cage. Therefore, clean the surface with a damp cloth, so there are fewer chances of infection.


Blackberries are a healthy treat for parakeets. They contain nutrients and antioxidants that help your parakeet’s immune and digestive systems. Blackberries also protect them from diseases like cancer. You might get your answer to the question can parakeets eat blackberries? There are some benefits and some disadvantages of blackberries for parakeets. Therefore, ensure to feed in moderation and only feed twice a week.


Do parakeets like blackberries?

Parakeets love to eat blackberries and feed on new tasty treats with a sweet flavor.

Can baby parakeets eat blackberries?

Yes, baby parakeets can eat blackberries in small amount because it contains sugar.

Are blackberries safe for parakeets?

Blackberries have many benefits for parakeets. They offer a high amount of nutrients and many more. They also contain high amounts of sugar, and it can cause obesity. Therefore feeding in moderation is necessary.

Can parakeets eat blackberry Jam?

A parakeet gets 70% of the nutrients of blackberry from the blackberry jam. However, it also contains high sugar and preservatives, which is not suitable for your parakeets; you should feed them in moderation.

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