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can parakeets eat bread

Every pet owner wants you to feed their pets exceeding possible things absolved on this earth. They want to offer whatever they like to eat to their pets. Many think that feeding a bird is almost similar to feeding any animal. Birds are more likely to get diseases if they do not eat good things or in appropriate quantities. 

If a pet owner wants to feed something to their pets, they must know what things are healthy to eat and what not. 

It always creates confusion among many part owners about which ingredient is not suitable for the health of the little budgies. Sometimes a common query arises in the mind of pet owners: can parakeets eat bread? Will bread be a safe option for them to eat? Will it be healthy for the little companions? Let’s find the answer.

Can Parakeets Eat Bread

Bread is not always healthy for a parakeet as its excess can cause various casualties.

Bread is baked food made from a combination of flour and yeast. Not only is it made from flour, but many other things are incorporated into making bread.

The nutritional value of bread is very low, even if it includes various nutritious things like grains. 

Many parakeet owners feed these happy little birds everything. They usually think that birds can eat everything. But sometimes, this misconception can create blunders.

Though budgie like the taste of bread and various things made from the use of bread and its ingredients, feeding bread every time affects the digestion of the little budgies. If the pet owner is confused about what to feed such little birds, it is better to ask a vet than to feed anything they want. 

The main reason bread can not become a staple for these birds is its artificial ingredients that can destroy the inner body of a budgie. The presence of chemicals and excess salt is not a healthy option for these little buddies.

How Often Can Parakeets Eat Bread?

It is good to feed bread to parakeets once a week, not regularly, even when made at home.

If viewing the nutritional chart specifically for a budgie, a feeder might understand the nutritional value of feeding bread to these little birds. Bread is human food; it is not suitable for everyone to eat. Due to its texture, it tended to stick inside the body of any bird. 

In truth, parakeets are small birds that can live healthily if they eat good quality food free from all foreign elements. 

The right amount of bread count must be good for the little buddies to ensure the safe health of these birds. 

2 Benefits Of Bread For Parakeets

There are many benefits for the birds if they eat correctly. The benefits can include the following:

Bread Satisfies Their Crop

Since bread has a good amount of carbohydrates in its nutrition count, they quickly fill up the stomachs of little companions. Other than bread, feeders can also add fruits like bananas, mangoes to fill their stomachs. A small amount of bread is enough for a parakeet to remain active for longer.  

A Happy Treat

Bread can be given to birds occasionally as they possess no nutritional value. The texture of the bread is soft, making parakeets experience a different taste while eating and enjoy it eating.

2 Risk of Feeding Bread to Parakeets

Zero Nutritional Count

Bread does not have any nutritional value in its composition, and they have the potential to disturb the digestive system of the bird if birds eat bread very often.

It adds only carbohydrates and calories to the health of the birds.

Makes Them Obese

Making bread a staple food for parakeets can make them obese. Though wholemeal bread has some nutrition, still it’s not an excellent choice to make as a staple food. Nutritional deficiency can make the parakeets obese.

How to Prepare Bread For Your Parakeet?

Even if you are offering bread once in a while to your parakeets, you should follow some measures to avoid adverse effects.

Small Pieces, Better Digestion 

Budgies can eat bread in the form of crumbs. It will not only make it easier for them to eat but will also help the parakeet to digest them, and it will also help these little birds to eat until they are filled. Pieces must be small so birds can easily eat them without getting choked. 

Adding Fruits With A Bread Piece

To make it more attractive for a parakeet to eat—add a piece of bread with some fruits like cherries, mango slices and banana as it balances the nutritional count for the parakeets to have. It will enhance their digestion and mood because fruits are rich in fiber etc.

Avoid feeding bread which is available easily in the market, as they contain very harmful elements such as salt, chemicals, and preservatives. Try feeding vegan bread for safety purposes.


After figuring out the nutritional count of the bread and how much it is safe for the birds to eat it. We have got an answer to the question: can parakeets eat bread? Yes, parakeets can eat bread as bread is not toxic for birds. 

They can enjoy it as a treat. No pet owner wants their pet to suffer. So, it’s good to ensure the amount is in control as bread contains foreign elements too. 


Do budgies like bread?

Yes, budgies are curious birds who will live to poke their beaks to analyze whatever is offered to them.

Is bread safe for parakeets?

Bread is not toxic for the buddies but can cause many issues if the amount given to these birds is high. They should eat it occasionally rather than eating it daily.

How much bread should parakeets eat?

Parakeets should eat a small amount of bread as a treat. It will not add any nutritional benefits, but it can surely enhance their mood.

Can parakeets eat toast bread?

Yes, parakeets can eat toasted bread, which can be fresh or lightly toasted. Both ways are ok.

Can parakeets eat white bread?

Parakeets will eat anything offered to them, and it’s just the amount that should be in the required amount. Otherwise, it will create casualties.

Can parakeets eat brown bread?

Yes, parakeets can add any bread. However, bread is low in nutritional count, so offering them in small quantities is good.

Can parakeets eat bread crumbs?

Crumbs are an excellent alternative for parakeets as they can give them good particle size food to eat. It reduces the chances of choking.

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