Can Parakeets Eat Papaya? 9 Benefits | Full Guide

can parakeets eat papaya

In summer, juicy fruit salads are one of the preferable foods. For hydration and freshness, fruit salads work effectively. Now, in between the juicy fruits like watermelon, berries, and mangoes, papaya is another mandatory fruit. Ripe papaya’s bright color and sweetness always attract us. 

But it does attract not only people but also your colorful feathered parakeet. Papaya’s bright yellowish-orange color and fragrance of sweetness make your budgie greedy. Even you can’t stop yourself from feeding them the fruit. But can parakeets eat papaya? Do you know whether it is safe or not? Let’s check it out. 

Can Parakeets Eat Papaya?

Yes, parakeets can eat papaya and massively benefit from this fruit. Like berries and watermelon, papaya is a safe fruit for your budgie. It has various types of vitamins and minerals that benefit your bird in multiple ways. Above all, papaya’s sweetness and aroma overwhelm your feathery pet. So, are you eager to watch your bird happy? Let them eat papaya. 

Notably, parakeets mainly prefer ripe papaya. They can also eat raw papaya. But it is not a good option for some side effects. After all, wild parakeets eat raw papaya. But you should choose ripe for your pet bird. 

How Often Can Parakeets Eat Papaya?

You can add various fruits and vegetables to their diet. Papaya is a great choice. But do not provide the food as a main meal. You can consider papaya as a treat. You have to feed papaya to your budgie in moderation. There is no proper recommendation about the quantity or frequency, but smaller is better.  

Parakeets are fond of seeds, and their main meal should be pellets. Further, you must add 15%-20% fruits and veggies to their everyday diet. Like humans, your bird also requires essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy lifestyle. 

9 Benefits of Papaya for Parakeets

The healthy vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A and C, potassium, protein, fatty acids, anti-inflammatory properties, etc., are there in papaya. So, the fruit is not only attractive in color and aroma but also has health benefits. 

  1. Vitamin A Reduces Risk of Avian Renal Disease 

As the birds are fond of seeds, avian renal disease is common in captive or pet birds, and vitamin A prevents that disease very well. To avoid the avian renal disease of your bird, you should feed them foods rich in vitamin A, and papaya is one of the best options.

Papaya contains a good amount of vitamin A. So, it helps to prevent or reduce the risk of the disease. Additionally, vitamin A promotes your pet’s eyesight also.  

  1. Potassium Helps in Curing Egg Binding Problems 

The Egg Bindinding problem or dystocia occurs when a parakeet faces difficulty laying eggs. Mainly muscle contraction irregularity causes this issue. Potassium in papaya helps muscle contraction; therefore, your budgie does not face egg-laying problems.

  1. Prevent Cardiac Disease 

Papaya contains various nutrients and vitamins. The fruit helps in preventing cardiac disease and also atherosclerosis. 

Bird’s cardiac disease is common nowadays. Heart diseases can be caused by high cholesterol, fatty foods, and lack of movement or exercise. So, check the safety before providing any food to your bird. 

  1. Vitamin C Boosts Immune System 

A healthy immune system is crucial in preventing your pet from several diseases. So, papaya can help you to get a healthy immune function. 

Papaya has a good amount of vitamin C and helps prevent various diseases by providing a healthy immune system. 

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Property Prevents Cancer

Papaya consists of anti-inflammatory properties. Do you know that the properties support preventing cancer in birds? You can take help from papaya to reduce the risk of cancer in your pet. 

Moreover, it helps get a healthy digestive system, provides antioxidants, and detoxifies your budgie’s health.

  1. Protein Supports in Egg-Laying & Growth

Papaya contains a good amount of protein and especially supports parakeets in breeding conditions. Protein support in laying eggs, and the overall growth of your budgie resists them from several diseases.

  1. Papaya Seeds Aids in Feather’s Growth

As parakeets love to chew seeds, they also like papaya seeds. Papaya seeds are also safe as other edible seeds. The black seeds have fatty acids aiding your bird’s feather growth. Alongside, it contains multiple enzymes which help digestion by breaking down the foods. 

Notably, do not overfeed papaya seeds to your budgie, which may cause a stomach ache for your little friend. 

  1. Papain & Chymopapain Fight with Joint Pain & Stiffness

Parrots also suffer from joint pain and stiffness like humans. Papaya has very effective antioxidants, papain, and chymopapain. These two compounds fight with joint pain and stiffness of your bird, and it is mainly beneficial for injured parakeets. 

  1. Other Nutrients Work Diversely 
  • Fiber present in papaya promotes your bird’s digestive system. 
  • Folate helps in generating red blood cells. 
  • Calcium improves the bones and muscle health of your pet. 

3 Risks of Feeding Papaya to Parakeets 

There is no severe risk of papaya if you maintain the feeding guide. But you should remember which type of papaya will not harm your budgie. Ripe papaya is the best option for your pet. But it should not be over-ripped.  

  1. Unripe or Raw Papaya Cause Blood-Thinning

In the unripe papaya’s skin, a component called salicylates causes blood thinning in birds. When parakeets, unfortunately, get an injury, they suffer from excessive bleeding due to salicylates. 

Moreover, the raw papaya’s skin has latex. Parakeets cannot tolerate latex, and they often get allergic reactions due to latex. 

  1. Over-Ripe Papaya Causes Several Health Issues

Do not feed your budgie over-ripe papaya. Yes, budgies like ripe papaya. But extra ripe papaya could lead to several health issues like stress, diarrhea, itchy skin, vomiting, swelling, etc.  

Notably, papaya contains a neurotransmitter of the immune system called histamine. Over-ripe papaya gets a high level of histamine, and it causes issues for your pet. 

  1. Extra Sugar is Harmful 

As papaya contains a good amount of sugar, if you feed it excessively to your pet, it may harm their sugar level. So, feeding in moderation is the best choice. 

How to Prepare Papaya for Your Parakeets?

Like other fruits such as mango and pineapple, you can similarly serve papaya to your pet. They find papaya tasty and juicy, so you don’t have to put extra effort into serving it. 

Wash, Peel & Cut into Small Pieces

Hygiene and safety is the first consideration. You should clean the fruit with water well. If you have a papaya tree, then it is safer. But if you bring it from the market, the chances of pesticides are higher. So first clean them well. 

After washing, peel the papaya. Though, papaya skin is not harmful if budgies eat the skin unawarely. After peeling, you can cut the fruit into small pieces, and they enjoy the tiny juicy bites. 

Mash & Serve Into Bowl 

You can mash ripe papaya and serve it in bird-friendly plates or bowls. It becomes juicier for your bird. 

Serve Them Papaya Juice 

One other way to feed papaya to your feathery pet is the juice version! Yes, they show interest in that orange and yellowish juice. You have to blend the papaya and sieve the juice. Let them enjoy the beverage!


So, whenever you bring papaya home, you should never forget about your colorful friend. Can parakeets eat papaya? This question will not bother you anymore! Papaya is a safe treat for your bird. As for their feathers, papaya is also bright in color and benefits. But to get the benefits, you must maintain the feeding frequency and quantity. 

Notably, keep your distance from no-organic fruits and be aware of hygiene. Canned preserved fruit is also not a preferable option. So, try to avoid canned or frozen fruits. 


Do parakeets like papaya?

Yes, they get attracted by its taste and aroma.

Is papaya safe for parakeets?

Yes, papaya is safe for your bird.

Can parakeets eat papaya seeds?

Yes, they like the crunchy seeds but don’t overfeed them.

Can parakeets eat papaya leaves?

It is not harmful, but sometimes digestive issues occur.

Can parakeets eat papaya skin?

Papaya skin is not harmful. But the latex in it causes an allergic reaction.

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