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can parakeets eat corn

Parakeets are a type of parrot found worldwide. They inhabit warmer regions such as India, Sri Lanka, Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, and Tropical America. The little birds are also called budgies. They make great pets and are very friendly toward their caretakers. Feeding them the right food is essential. What do they eat? Can parakeets eat corn? Do they like veggies? Are fruits good for them? Food is a big part of everyone’s lives, and the same goes for parakeets. We should be able to provide them with a good diet that supports their health. 

Can Parakeets Eat Corn?

Parakeets can eat corn, and it is safe for them to eat it. Corn can become a part of their diet, but corn generally has very low nutritional value, and it does not do much to enhance the bird’s overall health. Nonetheless, most parakeets will be very happy to be offered corn, and these sweet corn kernels can be very tempting for parakeets. 

The prospect of eating corn on the cob will also seem like a fun and entertaining game to them, pulling out the individual corn kernels, and it can turn into a fun time pass activity.

You can feed these birds cooked corn; raw corn is a much better option. It is the best way to ensure the few nutrients in corn are not compromised. Otherwise, cooking the corn can destroy them. 

How Often Can Parakeets Eat Corn?

Corn should not be given to parakeets every day; it is considered a treat and should be given to them only once or twice a week. 

Corn is just one of the food parakeets can eat. The other vegetables they can eat are green beans, carrots, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, and some leafy veggies like coriander, and spinach, lettuce.

Make sure you feed them everything in moderation. Measure the meal portions so that you are not overfeeding them. Ensure your birdies get a little bit of everything to establish a balanced diet. 

2 Benefits of Corn for Parakeets

Fiber Ensures Smooth Digestion

100g of corn has 21.2g of fiber. The body needs fiber, and it ensures a smooth digestion process and makes sure you have a healthy gut. Also, 100g of corn has 86 calories and is 75% water. Combined with the starch present in corn, eating a few kernels will fill up your pet sooner and provide satiety

Vitamins and Minerals Improve Immune System

Corn is a great way to get vitamins C and two carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin). Vitamin C helps form elastic fibers and connective tissues, and carotenoids improve the immune system and protect against free radical cells. 

Vitamins C, potassium, and magnesium are also antioxidants, which are great for cleaning out the liver and intestines and are a good source of natural electrolytes. Furthermore, vitamin C enhances eyesight. 

1 Risk of Corn for Parakeets

Pesticides Adversely Effect Parakeets

These days a majority of sweet corn is grown using GMOs. A fair amount of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals are sprayed on the crop to keep away parasites and speed up growth, which can negatively affect your pet’s health. 

How to Prepare Corn For Your Parakeet?

Source the Corn from a Safe Place

Your pet bird’s best interest is that you get fresh, organic corn grown without using pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals. Check to see if the corn is damaged or rotten. Also, take a peek to look at the corn inside the husk. If the kernels appear small and not grown at all, don’t buy them. It is likely a bad batch of corn that you should effectively avoid. The corn kernels inside should look plump and juicy, which is a sign of fresh and healthy corn.   

Remove the Husk

You have to remove the husk of the corn before feeding it to your parakeet; otherwise, they will not be able to eat the corn. Use a knife to cut out and remove the dust in small parts. You can try using your hands to rip apart the husk if you are strong and confident. It would be a great arm exercise for you! After this, you can cut the cob into four quarters and save the rest for the coming weeks or give them the whole corn on the cob as a full meal for the day. 

Cook the Corn (Optional)

You are welcome to give parakeets cooked corn if you feel like it, and it is not so different from feeding them raw corn. So, after removing the husk of the corn, you have to wash it. Under running water, gently scrub the corn with your hand to eliminate particles. Put some water in a pan and heat it on the stove. 

When the water has started boiling, you can put the corn in it and cook it for 5 minutes. When cooking corn on the cob, remember not to use oil or flavorings on it, as this could upset their sensitive stomachs. 

Cut up the corn cob into 3-4 smaller to cook faster and fit in the pan. After 5 minutes, remove it and cool it. Then you can feed it to your birdie. You don’t have to remove the corn from the cob; they will peck at the corn kernels and eat them. 


To answer the question, can parakeets eat corn? We can conclude that parakeets can eat corn. Corn is an excellent source of fiber and vitamins, and minerals. Ensure only to feed your parakeet corn 1-2 times per week. You can cook the corn and give it to parakeets, but raw corn is the best because it retains all the nutrients. Fresh corn is juicy and sweet, and this makes for a great treat for the little birdies. 

Include other different fruits and vegetables in their daily diet as well. Exposing them to new foods is a great way to take their body’s different supplements. Maintaining a healthy diet is key to living a long sickness-free life.


Do budgies like corn?

Yes, budgies like corn. It is safe for them to eat, and you should only give them corn 1-2 times per week. Don’t feed corn to parakeets every day; it has to be given to them as treats only.

Can budgies eat baby corn?

Yes, budgies can eat baby corn. Since the corn is still in the initial stages of growth, this makes it tender, and the whole stalk is edible.

Can budgies eat cornflakes?

Yes, budgies can eat cornflakes. But make sure they are plain cornflakes and not coated in sugar or artificial sweeteners, which can upset your parakeet’s stomach.

Can budgies eat canned corn?

Yes, budgies can eat canned corn. Thoroughly wash and rinse the canned corn to eliminate the excess sodium and other preservatives used in canned corn. But it is advised to feed fresh corn.

Can budgies eat raw corn?

Yes, budgies can eat raw corn, which is the best way to feed corn to parakeets. Raw corn has nutrients like vitamin C and carotenoids.

Can budgies eat cooked corn?

Yes, budgies can eat cooked corn.

Can budgies eat corn kernels?

Yes, budgies can eat corn kernels. Before feeding, boil the raw corn kernels in hot water to soften the hard outer husk.

Can budgies eat popcorn?

Yes, budgies can eat popcorn. It is a fun snack for them. But remember not to salt or use any flavoring, and don’t use butter, oil, or grease. Feed them plain popped corn only.

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