Can Parakeets Eat Tomatoes | 4 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Parakeets Eat Tomatoes

Pets make our lives fun and beautiful. It is lovely to have a pet in your life. But with everything comes responsibilities. You have to give them proper time and care. As a bird parent, you have to take care of all the needs and desires of your new companions.

Parakeets are small, intelligent, friendly, social, and active birds; they make lovely pets. But before getting one, you need to know everything related to them, and you first need to know what you can feed your parakeet. These birds eat a variety of vegetables including broccoli, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, etc. Apart from all these vegetables, can parakeets eat tomatoes?

Can Parakeets Eat Tomatoes?

Parakeets can eat tomatoes in moderation because tomatoes are non-toxic for parakeets. Parakeets love to take bites from juicy ripe tomatoes. 

Tomatoes serve as a good source of nutrition for parakeets. As a human, we can consume tomatoes according to our digestion but always make sure to give your little friend a decent amount according to their digestion. 

You can give small pieces of tomato to your parakeet, but remember, as tomatoes are acidic, you should never overfeed them as they can cause stomach irritation. 

How Often Can Parakeets Eat Tomatoes?

You can feed tomatoes to parakeets often a week only with the correct quantity. You can also provide tomatoes to your parakeet every day, but they should be in small pieces and a limited amount. 

The only thing to consider while feeding is the moderate quantity for a parakeet, as when the portion arises, the parakeet’s health tends to affect in several ways. It can also reach the extent where a parakeet can even die. 

Tomatoes have many benefits that can help your little friend’s health. However, it is crucial to monitor your bird’s intake of tomatoes. Make sure they are not eating a lot of tomatoes. Do not overfeed your bird; it causes indigestion and irritation for them. Always feed the right amount as guided by the veterinarian.

4 Benefits of Tomatoes for Parakeets

Tomatoes contain 95% water and 5% carbohydrates. If you want to keep your bird hydrated, feed them tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, and antioxidants.

Vitamin C Boosts Immune System 

Tomatoes are a vital source of Vitamin C which is essential for birds, and it boosts their immune system, reduces stress, and improves your parakeet’s mental health. Feeding tomatoes to your little friend once a week is necessary as it helps them to fight sickness and keeps them healthy.

Vitamin A Maintain Nails and Beak 

Vitamin A deficiency leads to overgrowth, flaking nails, and beak and chipping. Vitamin A helps parakeets to maintain their claws and beak. Feeding tomatoes to your parakeets is good because tomatoes contain 1499 IU (International Units) of Vitamin A.

Vitamin K Aids the Healing Process

Vitamin K helps in the healing process, slows down the bleeding, and helps blood clotting and bone health. Tomatoes contain a good amount of K1.

Antioxidants Fights Against Free Radicals

Antioxidants are valuable as it helps your parakeet fight against free radicals in their bodies. Tomatoes contain good antioxidants like lycopene, choline, alpha-lipoic acid, beta-carotene, lutein, folic acid, etc. Lutein helps in preventing cancer. Similarly, lycopene helps your birds fight heart diseases.

3 Risks of Feeding Tomatoes to Parakeets

Consuming Excess Sugar Can Take Your Parakeet’s Life

Tomatoes have high sugar content. As it is nothing for humans, it is dangerous for birds like parakeets and can harm their life. Excessive sugar consumption leads to disrupted digestive function, and your bird can also get obesity and blood pressure problems due to sugar consumption. 

Excess Tomatoes Can Cause Kidney Stone

Feeding too many tomatoes to your bird can lead to an upset stomach and a kidney stone. Tomatoes contain 0.5% malic acid, 0.52% – 1.81% citric acid, and traces of oxalic acid. These acids do not harm humans but are dangerous for little birds like parakeets. 

Feeding Tomato Leaves Can Cause Solanine Poisoning

Tomatoes contain solanine in their leaves. If you feed tomato leaves to your bird, it can cause solanine poisoning, and a small amount of this poison can prove to be lethal. 

Some of the most common symptoms of solanine poisoning are:

  • Trembling, 
  • Muscle twitching, 
  • Difficulty in breathing

How to Prepare Tomatoes for Your Parakeets? 

Feeding a bird is just like feeding a baby; you need to know what to feed and how to feed it.

Although tomatoes are suitable for your parakeet, they also have risks. Everything depends on how you feed tomatoes to your bird.

Prefer Cooked Tomatoes Over Ripe

Always cook fresh tomatoes at home, and before cooking, wash them thoroughly. You can get rid of dust and pesticides by washing tomatoes. While cooking, you must de-seed the tomatoes to prevent acidity. Through the process of cooking, you can get rid of acids. 

Dry the Tomatoes to Remove the Acid

While making dried tomatoes, separate the acid from the tomatoes. They also contain antioxidants that help your bird prevent oxidative stress. Dried tomatoes are safe for your pet parakeet, and your bird is protected from inflammation if it consumes dried tomatoes. 

Follow the 80/20 Rule for Parakeets

Your parakeet’s diet should contain 80% seeds and 20% fresh fruits and vegetables. You must always stick to the 80/20 rule because it will help your bird to grow properly.


As a pet parent, you must learn about your pet’s needs, desires, health, etc. this will help you properly raise your pet. So while answering can parakeets eats tomatoes, we know that parakeets can eat tomatoes not as a meal but as a treat. Tomatoes have a lot of health benefits. 

Apart from all the health benefits, tomatoes also have some risk factors. Always be careful while feeding tomatoes to your parakeet.


Do parakeets like tomatoes?

Yes, parakeets like tomatoes, and they like to take a bite from juicy ripe tomatoes. In the wild, parakeets love to eat fleshy fruits and vegetables.

Can parakeets eat tomato skin?

Yes, parakeets can eat tomato skin, and you can feed your little friend tomato skin.

Can parakeets eat tomato seeds?

No, parakeets can not eat tomato seeds because they are highly acidic. It would help if you discarded seeds from the tomatoes before feeding them to your parakeet.

Can baby parakeets eat tomatoes?

Yes, they can but in moderation. Carefully choose the fully ripened tomato for your baby parakeet.

Can parakeets eat ripe tomatoes?

You can feed them ripe tomatoes in moderation to keep them healthy.

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