Can Parakeets Eat Cabbage? 8 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Parakeets Eat Cabbage

Parakeets are cute and sweet little birdies, the most preferred choice when people consider adopting a pet. Choosing the right healthy food for a parakeet is challenging because it eats whatever you give it, and it is crucial to feed it healthy food to maintain its health and activities. Parakeets can eat many kinds of vegetables like celery, kale, broccoli, cucumber, carrot, etc. Many parakeets owner have a question can parakeets eat cabbage?

Cabbage is a vegetable that contains vitamin K, copper, calcium, etc. It is healthy for humans, so it is beneficial for parakeets too. 

Can Parakeets Eat Cabbage?

Yes, parakeets can eat cabbage. Cabbage contains many nutrients which are healthy for a parakeet. Both small and big parakeets can eat cabbage. However, feeding in moderation is essential because cabbage also has some disadvantages. Cabbage contains oxalic acid, which stops calcium absorption in the body. 

How Often Can Parakeets Eat Cabbage?

Feeding cabbage several times per week is recommended as part of a balanced diet. Cabbage has many nutrients but also contains oxalic acid, which is harmful to birds like parakeets. Therefore, feeding in moderation is essential because it will prevent your bird from many harmful factors. 

8 Benefits of Cabbage for Parakeets 

As you read above, parakeets can eat Cabbage. Cabbage is healthy for them and contains many nutrients. Let us read a few benefits of cabbage for parakeets. 

1: Prevents Blood Clotting

Cabbage contains vitamin K, which is essential for your parakeets. Vitamin C helps to prevent blood clotting, and vitamin K is necessary because your Parakeet will face problems like excessive bleeding from minor injuries without vitamin K.

2: Helps in the Production of Red Blood Cells

Cabbage contains vitamin C, essential for healthy muscles, bones, and blood vessels. Apart from that, vitamin C also helps in the production of red blood cells, and it also helps with iron absorption.

3: Prevents Joint Dislocation

Cabbage has manganese in it, which helps in reproduction and bone growth. Manganese also prevents poor muscle coordination and joint dislocation.

4: Helps in Protein Metabolism

Cabbage is rich in potassium, which helps in protein metabolism and is also essential for glucose in a parakeet’s body. Metabolism will help your parakeets with good digestion and prevent diseases like diarrhea.   

5: Prevent Feather Pigmentation Problems

Cabbage also contains copper, which helps prevent egg abnormalities and helps avoid pigmentation and feather problems. Additionally, copper is necessary for healthy blood vessels and connective tissues.

6: Keeps the Heart Healthy

Cabbage contains magnesium. Magnesium is essential for a parakeet because it helps to keep the heart healthy from any hear disease, and it is also helps for metabolism functioning of the body.

7: Essential for Hemoglobin Production 

Cabbage also contains iron, essential for hemoglobin production, and needs enzymes. As we see, many parakeets suffer from anemia. 

8: Helps to Improve Bone Strength

Cabbage is a high calcium source, the most predominant mineral in a bird’s body. Over 1.5% of your parrot’s weight is calcium. It helps to improve bone strength and to transmit nerve impulses. Additionally, it is essential for fertility.

2 Risks of Feeding Cabbage to Parakeets 

1: Oxalic Acid

Many leafy vegetables contain a chemical called Oxalic acid. This acid combines with calcium and prevents it from absorbing in the body. You should avoid feeding food high in oxalic acid, like spinach. Parakeets need the most calcium, and their body weight is half calcium. 

Calcium is essential for parakeets’ bodies, especially during the breeding season. Oxalic acid is a component of kidney stones; its crystals are sharp, damaging the body while passing. Therefore, you should feed food low in oxalic acids, like cabbage. However, it would help if you provided in moderation with proper precautions.

2: Lead Digestive Issues

Excessive eating of cabbage leads to digestive issues, upsets the parakeet’s tummy, and causes bloating. To avoid such problems, feed them in moderation.  

How to Prepare Cabbage for Your Parakeets?

There are a few ways how to feed cabbage to your parakeets. However, always remember to make sure to consult a vet before providing cabbage to your bird. As you know, cabbage contains oxalic acid, which prevents calcium absorption by the body. Take your bird to a vet to ensure it’s not suffering from low calcium.

Wash Thoroughly 

First, purchase organic cabbage if you can; however, fresh cabbage will also work. Make sure to wash it thoroughly to remove pesticides and dirt particles. You can clean the cabbage by adding a little baking soda to the water and soaking it for 20 mins, and it will help remove harmful chemicals.

Feed only Fresh Cabbage 

Feeding fresh veggies is suitable for your parakeets. Always provide fresh cabbage and do not cut it and store it for next time. Chemical cabbage in-store leads to harmful diseases or even death to your parakeets.

Cut into Small Pieces

Before feeding, always cut the cabbage into small pieces, enough for a bird to swallow, and it will prevent choking and be easy for them to eat. You can mix it with other fruits and vegetables to make it more interesting, like carrots and tomatoes


Can parakeets eat Cabbage? Cabbage is an excellent choice to feed vegetables to serve your Parakeet. As you read, cabbage has many nutrients like vitamins K and C, copper, iron, etc., but it also contains oxalic acid. However, it is not a big problem unless your bird has a calcium deficiency. Feeding several times per week is good, but as part of a balanced diet.


Do parakeets like cabbage?

Yes, parakeets like to eat cabbage.

Can baby parakeets eat cabbage?

You can feed cabbage to your baby parakeet after consulting a vet.

Is cabbage safe for parakeets?

Yes, cabbage is safe for parakeets, and it contains many nutrients. However, it is not safe for birds with calcium deficiency. Therefore, never feed cabbage to a parakeet with low calcium.

Can parakeets eat raw cabbage?

There are many vegetables a parakeet can eat raw. Raw Cabbage is suitable for parakeets because it contains more nutritional value than cooked ones. You can feed raw cabbage but in moderation.

Can Parakeets eat cooked cabbage?

Yes, parakeets can eat cooked cabbage. However, it would help if you avoid feeding it. Cooked cabbage has less nutritional value than raw one. If you are a concerned parent, avoid cooked cabbage because it will harm your bird’s health and immunity.

Can Parakeets eat red cabbage?

Parakeets can eat all kinds of cabbage, and it is great for your Parakeet’s health. When you talk about red cabbage, it is good when it is slightly steamed or raw. Both ways, it is a great option to serve them.

Can Parakeets eat purple cabbage?

Like red cabbage, purple cabbage is also safe for parakeets and healthy, providing the same nutrients.

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