Can Parakeets Eat Watermelon? 3 Benefits | Full Guide

can parakeets eat watermelon

Watermelons are juicy, soft fruit rich in water, and it is only fulfilling but has various vital nutrients required for active growth in an organism.

Watermelons are healthy both for humans and pets. 

Most of the time, owners want to know what foods are convenient for their little pets. It will make the pet owners worry if the food they are giving is not suitable for their pets. 

Sometimes, pet owners misperceive the need for minerals and vitamin count in their pets to feed them whatever is rich in a particular mineral and nutrient. It will be a concern for owners when they encounter their pets having issues. 

So without letting such things happen to the pets, it is suggested to consult the doctor before feeding. Most of the time, a common question is can parakeets eat watermelon? Will watermelon be a healthy fruit to be fed? Such queries always come up in the mind of the feeder.

Can Parakeets Eat Watermelon?

Watermelon is a healthy fruit for budgies to eat; it not only fulfills them but nourishes them with its benefits. Watermelon is a great fruit to be added to the diet. 

It maintains the water level in a bird but also provides various vital nutrients like vitamin A, Vitamin C, and phosphorus. It will not become a messy thing until the quantity is within limits. But, the high water content may become risky if feed-in is over amount, and that watery thing will destroy the digestion of the little budgie.

How Often Can Parakeets Eat Watermelon?

Watermelon should be only 5-10% of the cumulative diet given to them in a day. Watermelon is a healthy fruit. However, it should be consumed with consideration while eating. For humans, it might not create any issues. It has the potential to disturb the metabolism of the little budgies.

On Occasion is a vague word that has slightly different meanings for budgies. Many nutrients can not be fulfilled by fruits alone, so adding them as a treat is a promising way to feed.

Fruits are an integral part of the diet as they maintain the digestion and overall growth of the bird and regulate hormones essential for growth. 

6 Benefits Of Watermelons for Your Parakeets

There are many benefits of eating watermelon. The thing that is important to know how beneficial it is for parakeets.

Watermelon comes from the Cucurbitaceous family responsible for the fruit’s fruity and green color. The soft and pulpy core is filled with water helps in precise digestion and hydration to fight against various calamities. 

Water Maintains Hydration

Watermelon is a juicy fruit that maintains the water requirement in the body of an organism. In general, it conserves the proper functioning of an organism’s brain and other body parts. Although, a high amount of water can cause poor digestion and low absorption of nutrients in the body.

Everything should be consumed in proper amounts rather than holding its only food.

Vitamins Nourish Body Growth

Apart from watermelons, there are fruits like strawberries, kiwis, and bananas loaded with vitamin bands and have good vitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorus, and potassium concentrations. Overall, other vitamins and minerals are vital in reducing the chances of mishaps in birds.

Lycopene and Other Antioxidants Helps in Immunity

Lycopene is a plant nutrient containing various antioxidant properties most commonly found in red fruit pigments like watermelon. Such nutrients always help parakeets to fight against various diseases.

Other antioxidants help in fighting against severe infections. Overall, watermelon has incredibly healthy benefits in terms of everything.

Vitamin A Maintains the Development

A deficiency of such vital nutrients can lead to an overgrowth in the beaks and nails of these buddies. The accurate level of vitamin A maintains the overgrowth in the body and reduces the chances of breaking beaks and claws. It could be unpleasant for pet owners to see their pets suffering from sudden growth hindrances. 

Beaks are an essential body part for parakeets, and they first analyze everything with it and always love to poke their beaks.

Vitamin C Improves Mental Fitness

Vitamin C has the potential to handle mood swings and reduces stress. It maintains the production of antibodies in birds to make them healthy and safe. Overall the number of vitals must be in the correct quantity.

Otherwise, over-consumption has negative impacts too, and it reduces the chances of birds getting into the trap of self-harm.

Potassium Strengthens Metabolism

There are many benefits of potassium in the body of any organism. It acts as an aid in maintaining the metabolism of little buddies but also helps in strengthening bones.

It also helps to reduce blood pressure and retain water preventing strokes in the body of an organism.

So watermelon has rewarding benefits for the little budgies and every individual.

2 Risks of Watermelon for Parakeets

It is universal that anything with benefits comes up with risks as well. 

Watermelons are a great fruit. However, parakeets are granivores; they need to eat grainy foods to ensure all the duet requirements for positive growth. Several risks of watermelon for parakeets are:

Excess Hydration Destroys Digestion

Watermelon is 90% made up of water. If it is given to budgies in excess amounts, it will create issues in digestion. As surplus water will not assemble the waste material properly, it will lose watery motions. 

So, it is good to make sure that all the fruits must be given within limits to make the digestion and absorption properly.

Little Absorption of Minerals

If the amount of water is very high in the diet of parakeets, the body will not be able to extract the necessary minerals from the food. Whatever is given to the budgies will become waste as there is no mineral absorption.

That is why it is good to feed the watermelon in small amounts. If all the composition percentage is of water, it will be hard for any bird to grow appropriately because all the nutrients will vanish without absorption.

How to Prepare Watermelons for Your Parakeets?

It can be a concern for parakeet owners how to feed these little birds watermelon. 

Cut Into Small Chunks

The size of the mouths of parakeets is small, should be offered small-sized fruits and other food items. Cut the watermelon into small bite-size pieces, as it will be easy for parakeets to eat and digest. If the fruit size is big, they will not be able to gulp it perfectly.

Parakeets can enjoy eating as well as experimenting with the fruit.

Fruit is essential for budgies to eat because it nourishes them to stay active throughout the day. 

Remove Pesticides By Washing

Fruits must be washed before feeding to parakeets. The presence of pesticides can cause casualties for budgies. It can choke them, or even the birds might die. Harmful chemicals can damage the metabolism of birds, eventually destroying the birds’ inner organs.


After getting every possible knowledge about can parakeets eat watermelon or not, it is clear that watermelons are ample for parakeets. All it requires is a proper amount of food; anything given to them in excess can harm the animals and birds.

So all the feeders must know what things are suitable for budgies and what areas not everything safe for humans can be stable for other animals and birds. Pet owners must consult their doctors before making any next step.


Do budgies like watermelon?

Yes, watermelon can be a wonderful treat for budgies. They like to eat it as well because it is sweet and refreshing.

Is watermelon safe for parakeets?

Watermelons are safe for parakeets if given in small amounts. Excess of everything is harmful to the little budgies.

How much watermelon should parakeets eat?

Parakeets must consume watermelons in small proportions as they have high amounts of water, which can cause various harmful impacts on the little budgies.

Can parakeets eat watermelon seeds?

The seeds are not poisonous to parakeets; however, they can choke the birds. Due to their harsh texture, parakeets can get muffled. It is better to free the watermelon fruit from all seeds and rind.

Can parakeets eat watermelon rind?

Parakeets should be fed only the juicy part of the watermelon. The rind can be harsh for these parakeets to digest. So better to avoid it while giving them.

Can parakeets drink watermelon juice?

Yes, parakeets can drink watermelon juice. However, the liquid must be free from any added sugars and preservatives, and only fresh juice is good for them.

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