Can Parakeets Eat Oranges? 8 Benefits | Full Guide

Can Parakeets Eat Oranges

Oranges are a fruit with low-calorie content and high nutrient elements, and their antioxidant properties are known to lower certain risks. Known for its vitamin C content, the bright-colored food is not only suitable for humans but also a varied species from the animal kingdom. But when it comes to its sweetness, when consumed in excess, oranges may lead to diabetes, obesity, and other heart problems.  

Now, if you are an owner of parakeets, they also demand tasty dishes. As fruits and veggies are safe and nutritious, you can feed them to them. But only some fruits and veggies are safe for them.

Coming to the tasty, juicy fruits, oranges—Is it safe for budgies? Can parakeets eat oranges? Here you will get the answer to your questions and the benefits and risks of feeding the fruit to your little pet. 

Can Parakeets Eat Oranges? 

Parakeets can eat oranges without hesitation, as they love its sweetness and juicy texture. After all, oranges are nutritious fruits laden with vitamin C, antioxidants, carotenoids, fiber, potassium, citric acid, folate, thiamine, etc. Excess of anything is bad—the same goes for feeding oranges to your parakeets. While feeding oranges, you must ensure that you provide oranges to your budgie in moderation.

How Often Can Parakeets Eat Oranges?

You can feed oranges to your bird once or twice a week, do not feed them too much. You can serve a couple of slices every time. Parakeets are fond of sweet dishes. But fruits and veggies are not their staple foods. But 10%-15% of their diet should include fruits. The fruits like oranges, mangoes, pineapple, etc., are some great options as a treat.

Excessive consumption of any food causes severe health issues in your budgie. 

8 Benefits of Oranges for Parakeets

The bright orange fruit contains various vitamins and minerals, like its more vibrant color. It has a bunch of vitamins that help promote your budgie’s organs and protect them from several diseases. 

1: Vitamin C Promotes Immune System and Prevents DNA Damage 

Oranges have a large amount of vitamin C. In promoting the immune system, vitamin C plays a significant role; it also prevents premature aging and DNA damage.

2: Potassium Promotes Heart Health 

Oranges contain a good amount of potassium, which helps promote budgie’s heart health and nervous system. 

3: Low Calories Reduces Chances of Unnecessary Weight Gain 

One hundred grams of oranges have 47 calories. Your budgie will not get extra weight if you maintain the feeding amount. However, low-calorie foods are ideal for pets. 

4: Antioxidants Help Regulating Blood Pressure & Promote Stronger Blood Cells

Oranges contain multiple antioxidants, and it includes anthocyanins and hesperidin. Hesperidin aids in regulating blood pressure, and anthocyanins strengthen blood cells. Additionally, antioxidants help to get a healthy immune system

5: Vitamin B Works with Metabolism   

Oranges are laden with vitamin B1 or thiamine and B9 or folate. These vitamins work with metabolism and help in generating energy from foods. Your bird will feel energized after consuming oranges. 

6: Fiber Promotes Digestion 

Papaya, banana, and oranges have fiber content. Fiber helps in generating digestive systems. Thus it prevents constipation and provides healthy digestion.

7: Vitamin A Prevents Deficiency 

As oranges have carotenoids, it produces vitamin A. Vitamin A prevents their deficiency in birds. Due to a seed-based diet, budgie’s common issue is vitamin A deficiency, which causes eyesight problems. The vitamin A present in oranges help to get rid of the deficiency. 

8: Citric Acid Benefits in Various Ways 

Oranges consist of a large amount of citric acid. This acidic compound is very much beneficial for various purposes. It promotes skin texture, digestion, etc. Further, the acid works in getting the bright-colored feathers of your budgie. Moreover, citric acid prevents kidney stones and helps to process calcium. 

3 Risks of Feeding Oranges to Parakeets

If you maintain the feeding frequency and amount, oranges don’t harm your budgie. However, you must keep your budgie in observation, as only some birds’ organs react similarly. There are some risks if you cross the limit of feeding.

1: Excessive Consumption Leads to Obesity 

If your bird eats oranges more than the limit, the sugar in oranges leads them to gain some extra pounds. So, be cautious about the limit. 

2: Fructose Causes Digestive Issues

The naturally occurring sugar fructose in oranges is not healthy if the consumption is high. Fructose causes digestive issues like upset stomach and foul stools. So, feeding a small number of oranges is fine for budgies.

3: Acidic Contents Causes Stomach Ulcer 

Orange is one of the acidic fruits. So, if your bird can’t handle its acidic compound, he may get some health issues. It causes a painful mouth, and budgies suffer from stomach ulcers in severe cases. That leads to vomiting, weight loss, diarrhea, etc. 

How to Prepare Oranges for Your Parakeets?

Giving a whole orange to your pet budgie is not a good choice. However, wild parakeets have been seen to eat the whole orange from the orange trees. But your pet is your responsibility. 

Wash the Oranges Well

Pesticides or other chemicals harm budgies. So, remember to wash the fruit well before serving it to your pet. Further, organic fruits are the best option.

Peeling is Better

Orange peel is not harmful. But the pesticides do. So, it is better to peel the skin off before feeding it to your budgie. 

Remove the Seeds 

Orange seeds are not so harmful, but they contain cyanide. It has the chance of causing oxidative stress and tissue damage. So, you can remove the seeds as much as possible. Additionally, peaches and cherry seeds are detrimental to budgies. But it will not be severe if your budgie eats a couple of orange seeds with the flesh. 

Cut into Slices or Pieces

You can cut the oranges into thin slices or cut them into pieces. Serve them on a plate. Your bird will gobble them all with joy!

Let Them Drink Orange Juice 

Orange Juice is safe for your budgie, and they enjoy the bright orange-colored Juice. As it contains a large amount of sugar, a small quantity is best for your pet. Otherwise, they will gain extra weight.


So, during the season of oranges, you can get some extra oranges and feed them to your budgie. So, the answer to can parakeets eat oranges is yes; however, only moderate feeding is safe for your feathered buddy. 

Along with the fruits, you should provide them with their required nutrients. Otherwise, they might face other vitamin deficiencies. 

Also, do consider their choices during feeding. If they like another safe fruit, you can feed them according to their requirements. After all, budgies’ staple diet should be pellets and seeds. As their organs are very sensitive, you should be cautious about their diet. 


Do parakeets like oranges?

The sweetness and juiciness make the oranges tempting for parakeets.

Are oranges safe for parakeets?

Yes, oranges are safe for parakeets when provided in moderation.

Can parakeets drink orange Juice?

Yes, a small amount of orange Juice is safe. Do not feed in excess as it contains high sugar content.

Can parakeets eat orange peels?

Orange peels are not harmful. But it might have pesticides. So, keeping a distance from peels is better.

Can parakeets eat orange seeds?

A couple of seeds do not harm budgies. But excessive consumption harms due to cyanide.

Can parakeets eat orange leaves?

Parakeets can have orange leaves, but they don’t like their taste.

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