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Wildlife is a mesmerizing and fascinating thing to explore, and it grabs the attention of visitors and those who have a keen interest in wildlife. Millions of species of birds and animals are discovered, and how their life cycle proceeds. The bird life cycle is mesmerizing to see.

Birds are interesting if we dive into their life, how they fly in the air, how they feed themselves etc. Talking about the seed-eating parrots who are small in size, also known as parakeets. Parakeets are very much attractive and energetic birds. 

Parakeets are small creatures who eat food containing seeds; it can be an apple or any other fruit that contains seeds. There are several foods to consider while feeding parakeets; some are beneficial for them, and some are harmful. So let’s see, can parakeets eat apples or not?

Can Parakeets Eat Apples?

Parakeets love to eat apples as long as they are accessible to them. Apples are generally very good for health because apple provides various nutritious vitamins and minerals with fiber to parakeets. All fruits that have seeds in them can be fed to these birds. Apart from feeding apples, a parakeet owner can also try to feed fruits like watermelon, grapes, and melons in small chunks for better gulping.

The concern is that apple seeds contain a compound known as Amygdalin which is toxic to birds because it converts into cyanide. Due to this, it is better to remove all the apple seeds before feeding. 

The best way to feed the birds is by cutting apples into small pieces without any toxic parts and the core, making them easy and safer to eat. A feeder can provide fruit to the parakeets once a week as long as the bird can access fresh water. Apple puree is also a good substitute for feeding parakeets.

How Often Can Parakeets Eat Apples?

Feeding the bird an apple slice every week is safe and a healthy diet. Regular feeding might not be successful, and it is better to consult the bird’s doctor for any doubt. 

If the bird is comfortable and showing positive signs while eating an apple slice regularly, then go for it; otherwise, stop!

3 Benefits of Apples for Parakeets 

Parakeets require a nutritionally balanced diet to sustain themselves, and it also counterparts them much. Pellets are the perfect food and contain the balanced nutrition necessary for these birds. It is beneficial for the birds to eat different kinds of food, which eventually helps them in development. It maintains a good level of nutrients in the body of an individual.

Vitamins and Minerals Boosts Immune System

Apples, oranges and mangoes are rich in vitamin C and ascorbic acids that help the consumer by producing antibodies to fight against various diseases. It boosts the immune system by covering cells from harmful foreign elements. Vitamin C is present in citrus foods. It also helps prevent iron deficiency; iron is essential for producing red blood cells and the movement of oxygen in the body.

The function of Vitamin C is to absorb iron from the diet, making it an essential source for the growth and overall development of the bird. 

Appropriate Potassium Levels Aids in Nervous System Functioning  

Potassium is another main mineral in apples that is good for the heart as it helps regulate proper fluid balance in the body of an organism. It is essential for optimum health as it leads to dehydration which can badly affect the heart and kidneys.

Potassium is an essential nutrient because it maintains the overall functioning of the nervous system. The neural messages move via nerve impulses that help in regulating muscle contractions, heartbeat, and other functioning. Lack of potassium count in the body reduces the signals to move and helps maintain water retention levels. So, all these nutrients are present in apple composition.

Fiber Helps Boosting Metabolism

Fiber is crucial in maintaining and improving metabolism in humans and other living organisms. Apples are an excellent source of fiber, and soluble fiber has carbs that help level cholesterol with blood sugar levels in the body. 

Insoluble fibers have laxative behavior and do not dissolve in water, and fiber lowers blood sugar levels and boosts the immune system and digestive function. Fibrous foods help prevent constipation.

When Should You Not Feed Apples to Parakeets?

Apples are only dangerous for parakeets if it contains seeds. Otherwise, the food is perfectly fit for the birds’ metabolism. Let the bird enjoy the rest of the delicious fruit. The problem arises when the bird eats one or two seeds. However, it should not be continuous because it is toxic for the birds as it contains chemicals and pesticides. 

The issue might arise when the bird is getting seeds in the food, as it will adversely affect its metabolism, leading to constipation. Over-consumption of apples with seeds causes damage to the internal organ of birds because apple seeds are toxic, and it attacks the heart of the birds mostly.  

How to Prepare Apples for Your Parakeets?

Since parakeets love to consume seeds, a feeder can also give them veggies. Some dried fruits provide these birds with the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Always choosing fresh fruit helps preserve the fruits without any inducement of any preservatives. It is healthy for the birds because no foreign element can enter their body.

Opt for Fresh Fruit

Selecting an assortment/of fresh fruits has proved to be best in all possible ways. Birds have varying tastes, so it is better to provide them with eating options. It is suggested to notice that what the bird likes to eat sticks to that for some time. Try to have some assortments for soft and crunchy texture like strawberries and apples. 

Prefer Small Chunks

Big pieces or uncut apples can be difficult for parakeets to swallow. So, a feeder should always slice the big fruits containing seeds from their core and remove all the toxic parts before feeding the parakeets.

Try Warming the Apple

Slightly warm the fruits because birds love to eat warm fruits that provide warmth. Such fruits are irresistible to them, and it also helps in maintaining their metabolism and promotes healthy growth.

Provide Fruits and Water Together

Birds eat with their mind and experiment with their food. Introducing a bowl of fruit next to the bowl filled with water can be a good option because birds can dip their food and then eat it. There are many but finding a perfect taste of bird is quite hard.

Regular Cleaning Parakeet’s Area

Taking care of these birds is crucial because the chance of catching any disease is high. Remember to clean their area such that there should not be any leftovers. Change the water regularly since it is crucial for the bird’s health. Maintain a food chart and provide food accordingly.

Alter Food Habits

Repeat such practices until the bird starts eating fruits because feeding the bird with force will never work. If the bird doesn’t eat properly, then maybe the bird gets bored then it is time to provide fruits to them. Changing food habits are beneficial for the bird’s health and the feeder, and this way helps in understanding the food patterns of the bird.

If you are keeping a parakeet as a pet, it is crucial to understand that parakeets have options to eat in wildlife. But what are the best options? Specifically, what about apples? Can parakeets eat apples? Is there anything an owner needs to know before serving birds, like removing the apple skin? Removing apple skin is as important as removing the seed. After all, apple skin is potentially harmful as a seed because many pesticides are sprinkled and added to the soil during the growth phase and harvesting. The chances of consuming these pesticides are high. So, removing it is beneficial.


Now we have the answer to can parakeets eat apples; we can conclude that feeding a living organism should be done according to its capacity for tolerance. If a feeder feeds casually, it will cause many casualties like constipation; the bird might die. So, it is better to take care and understand that the species can eat apples while following the feeding patterns for safe feeding and healthy growth. Certain foods do not suit everyone so take care of that before doing anything.


Do parakeets like apples?

Yes, parakeets are fond of apples and all fruits having seeds. Vegetables are also a good alternative for these birds.

Can parakeets eat apple skin?

No, apple skin is potentially harmful as seeds because it could contain pesticides and chemicals. So, removing the skin and then feeding s a good option.

Can parakeets eat apple seeds?

No, Parakeets can not eat apple seeds as they are toxic. Feed deseeded apple flesh and core to the birds.

Can baby parakeets eat apples?

The apple’s flesh is the safest part to eat, and a baby parakeet’s metabolism is not very strong, so apples should be deseeded and peeled before feeding them.

Can parakeets eat apple core?

Yes, if the center part is free from seeds and washed. Apple seeds contain chemicals that are harmful to the bird.

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