Do Hummingbirds Like Petunias? 4 Petunias Hummingbirds Like the Most

do hummingbirds like petunias

Watching the beautiful hummingbirds in their gardens is one of the most incredible for individuals. Individuals who wish to watch hummingbirds and want them to come to their garden must plant some specific plants in their garden. In general, hummingbirds primarily get attracted to flowers that are very bright and shiny in color, and they are also very much in love with flowers with a lot of nectar. 

It is all about planting the right plants in the garden and caring for them. It is all that needs to attract hummingbirds. But this is a very common question: Do hummingbirds like petunias? Yes! Hummingbirds are in love with the petunias, and one can plant these plants in their space and watch the hummingbirds coming to them. 

Do Hummingbirds Like Petunias?

Yes, hummingbirds are attracted to petunias. Petunias are one of the best selections among multiple plants to attract hummingbirds into the garden. One can get a lot of alternatives in the colors of petunias. There are so many colors to get and plant in the garden to attract the birds. Petunias are very handy and inexpensive. 

Apart from the numerous options in colors, petunias do not require any hard struggles to grow! It is so easy to grow these plants and care for them. Also, they are known to generate a lot of nectar. And hummingbirds are in love with nectar! 

There are also several varieties when choosing a petunia plant in the garden. Some of them are; cherries jubilee petunia, tidal wave silver petunia, wave purple petunia, double wave blue velvet petunia, supertunia biscuit petunia, supertunia vista bubblegum petunia, and much more. One can select any one of these, or one can explore other options too. 

Once one plants these flowers in their garden, they are visited by hummingbirds each year. 

Why Do Hummingbirds Like Petunias?

Hummingbirds love to be around petunia plants. They love to suck nectar from the petunia flowers. One can always watch them hanging in the petunia flowers, which is an incredible sight for every nature lover! One of the most crucial reasons hummingbirds loves petunias is the delicious nectar in these flowers. The taste of the nectar is exactly what these birds love. The sugar content is 20%, which is idle for hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are in love with the sugary nectars of petunia flowers.

With the consumption of nectar, these adorable little birds gain energy which eventually helps them to find and hunt the insects for their food. Another reason for them loving the petunia flowers is because of their bright, lovely colors. They also love petunia flowers because of the shapes of the flowers. These flowers have long and deep shapes. It allows these hummingbirds to sit their long beaks inside the flowers and suck out the nectar. 

And also, because of their particular scent, hummingbirds are attracted to these flowers. These flowers are not strongly scented, so they are liked by hummingbirds. When flowers have a lot of smell, hummingbirds are not attracted to those flowers. 

4 Petunias Hummingbirds Like the Most

Petunia Exserta

They are the rare red petunias of brazil. One can find it a bit difficult to get, but one will find the catalogs of seeds. These are the only single petunias known to be pollinated by hummingbirds.

Tumbelina Mixed Perfume

Hummingbirds love the colors of tumbelina mixed perfume. One will find various colors in these species of petunias, and one will also get various scents from these species of petunias. 

Heirloom Petunia

Heirloom petunias have large wavy petals that hummingbirds love—planting these in their space to watch the incredible views of hummingbirds.

Mexcian Petunia

Hummingbirds love these floppy petals of Mexican petunia enriched with nectar.

Do Hummingbirds Like Hybrid Petunias?

Yes, hummingbirds can go to the hybrid flowers of petunias, and they will consume the nectars from the hybrid ones too. However, hybrid petunias have a drawback. And that is, they cannot produce a lot of nectar for the hummingbirds. It can be why hummingbirds are not going for the hybrid petunia flowers. 

When hummingbirds are not getting nectar from other petunia flowers, they may go to the hybrid flowers. Else, they will always go for the ones with a high amount of nectar. So, it is always advised to plant natural petunia flowers. 

Do Hummingbirds Like Some Petunias Better Than Others?

It is common for hummingbirds to go for the red-colored petunia flowers, and these birds mostly go for the red ones among every color of petunias. Individuals who wish to have hummingbirds in their garden should go for the red-colored ones. 

If there are various colors of petunia flowers, hummingbirds will always ignore the rest of the colors and varieties and sit on the red flowers. 

When Do Hummingbirds Like to Visit Petunias?

Hummingbirds like to visit the flowers of petunias in the springs or at the times of early summer. And the season of blooming for petunia flowers is in the summer, and they can also bloom at the times of spring. Petunia flowers bloom the whole season of spring and summer. And this is the idle time when hummingbirds like to visit these flowers. 

Which Flowers Can You Plant With Petunias to Attract Hummingbirds?

There are numerous options in plants that one can plant in their garden, along with the petunias, to attract hummingbirds. While exploring options in plants, they should always go for the options that have bright-colored flowers. They can also go for plants that produce flowers with a lot of nectar, which will attract many hummingbirds to their garden.

One should also look for long petals, which will assist hummingbirds in attaching themselves to the flowers and then sucking out the nectar. One can go for the options like native plants. Some options are; bee balm, cardinal flowers, zinnia spp, salvia spp, bleeding heart, butterfly bush, trumpet creeper, lupine, aquilegia spp, and much more.


Now we know the answer to the question, do hummingbirds like petunias? We can conclude that hummingbirds are attracted a lot to petunias flowers and love bright-colored petunias flowers. The flowers of petunias also attract these birds with their specific structure and the way they smell. For petunias, hummingbirds are a way of medium for their pollination. Due to hummingbirds, petunias can move forward their generations and can exist. 


Do petunias attract hummingbirds?

Yes! The flowers of the petunia plant attract hummingbirds. One who wishes to birdwatch the adorable hummingbirds can plant petunias in their space.

Do hummingbirds eat petunia flowers?

No! They suck out the nectars from the petunia flowers, and they do this by placing their long beak inside the flower.

Can hummingbirds get nectar out of petunias?

Yes, they can get the nectar out of the petunias. By placing their beaks in the flowers of petunias, they get the nectar out.

Do hummingbirds like mini petunias?

Yes! Hummingbirds are like mini petunias. People can also plant mini petunias to watch the adorable hummingbirds.

Are hummingbirds attracted to purple petunias?

Yes! Hummingbirds are attracted to purple-colored petunias. However, they are greatly attracted to the red ones.

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